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Prisma, the videos will soon arrive

The photo app also opens to movies

PrismAfter conquering the photographic world, Prisma now focuses on videos. Co-founder Alexei Moiseenkova has announced that he will introduce a new tool for video editing in the next weeks.

Just released also for Android, Prisma has spread like wildfire thanks to its filters capable of transforming ours photos in artistic masterpieces. From Munch to Miyazaki via Picasso and Kandinsky, the app does it all by itself: thanks to artificial intelligence, you just have to give it the image and you will elaborate it following the canons of the great masters of art.

Now the same principle will be applied to videos even if the functionality of the filters is not clear. It remains to be clarified whether they will be inspired by the artists as for the photos or new filters inspired by the directors will have been introduced.


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