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Printing on iPad? In the future there will be, Steve's word

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Printing on iPad? In the future there will be, Steve's word –

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Does your favorite tablet, the one you just ordered on the Apple website and that will arrive at the end of the month, does everything except print? Not necessarily that it is always like this. The problem was also raised by a passionate user who, taking advantage of Steve Jobs's most recent habit of personally replying to the emails that users in the world send him, asked him if the iPad could connect wirelessly to some printer. The answer? "Arriver".

synthetic like never before, just three words (in English she said β€œIt will come”) to give hope to legions of hesitant future iPad users who wonder if the device of their dreams deserves to be bought despite the lack of a possible system of printing. One wonders what use a typical user of a printing system may have (logically assumed, WiFi printers or printers shared on a WiFi network), since the Apple tablet is not exactly a typewriter with which generate mileage documents.

But you know, the world is beautiful because it is varied (your reporter hasn't had a printer for years) and the thought that the emails sent to the Apple CEO really arrive on Steve Jobs's tablet (or in this specific case on the iPhone), perhaps with the characteristic synthetic sound, during a board of directors or some important summit meeting where only Jobs keeps the phone on and that Steve, interrupting with one hand his scientists and lieutenants who are presenting the revolutionary device of the future (that actually equipped with teleportation) that will arrive in shops only in ten years, quickly scroll the text of the email, quickly write the synthetic response and then return to the meeting as unlikely as consoling. Steve Jobs listens to all of us and responds to the lucky few who know how to tickle his curiosity correctly.

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