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Prime Video: Amazon works on automatic downloads and the ability to follow actors

Prime Video: Amazon works on automatic downloads and the ability to follow actors

The Amazon Prime Video app may soon be enriched by the automatic download of upcoming episodes of a series that you're watching, Netflix's Smart Download style, and the possibility of follow the most famous actors, and eventually receive notifications when new content arrives in which they act.

All this information comes from a APK Teardown (the process of decompiling the installation files of an Android app in search of clues and scoop on future projects) done by colleagues in xda-developers; it is fair to point out that, although there are incontrovertible indications that the functions discussed here are in development, we do not have absolute certainty that they will actually be released to the public.

THE automatic downloads they will work exactly as it happens on Netflix: the system automatically downloads some successive episodes (how many, exactly, you can adjust in the settings) to the one you are currently watching, in order to avoid interruptions of reproduction.

The old episodes are then automatically deleted when they have been displayed, to save space. By default, Auto Download (this is the official name of the feature, at least for now) is activated only when the device is under Wifi connection, but the settings can also be enabled from the mobile network.

We have not, as mentioned, certainties on the timing of the distribution of the two novelties, but we can assume that, if Amazon decides to make them public, they will be available both in the app for Android and in that for iOS.