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Pressure rises on iTunes in Europe

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In Europe the pressure rises on iTunes logomacitynet1200wide 1

iPod and iTunes have been important for spreading the culture of legality in the field of online music but now even those who have thanked Apple for their contribution to the increase in the sale of songs on the net, are beginning to put pressure because something changes in the system digital rights management of the store.

In the list of companies that are pushing for Cupertino to consider the opening of Fair Play, the British Phonographic Institute, the influential British record company, has been added since yesterday. According to the BPI, it is learned from some English sites, Apple should consider the possibility of licensing the Drm system used by iTunes, so as to allow other players to access the songs sold by the store.

The request comes just one day after the Norwegian Ombudsman's condemnation of some of the rules for using iTunes. According to the authority that is in charge of protecting citizens' rights against commercial and governmental realities, some of the paragraphs that Apple obliges to sign to access the service are vexatious and as such must be changed. When examining the Ombudsman there would also be ways in which Apple protects the digital rights of the songs. According to journalistic reports also the Ombudsmen of other nations like Sweden and Denmark are examining Apple's commercial practices in the field of digital music.

Even before, as readers will remember, France has even begun to examine a law that could even force Apple to open Fair Play to the competition.

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