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Powermat: wireless charger under test with iPhone and iPod

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Very thin and completely black, with the only exception of the oval profile in silver gray color that runs all around the perimeter. The decidedly refined appearance but the features that make the Powermat charging base a true hi-tech gadget that seems to come directly from the future are its operation and the details integrated by the engineers.

The charger of the future, available now Impossible not to be fascinated by the operation of Powermat: as we approach the iPod base or another device equipped with a Powermat receiver, our hand is guided in the correct position thanks to the attraction exerted by the magnets. Once the surfaces of the base and the receiver come into contact Powermat emits a pleasant confirmation sound and at the same time a hidden LED on the front turns on and illuminates a small portion of space, right in front of us. Powermat recharges the batteries of our favorite pocket devices using magnetic induction: you no longer need to connect and disconnect wires and use different power supplies. Thanks to an intelligent communication system between the Powermat base and the receiver, charging is suspended when the battery is charged, thus reducing consumption.

Attention to detail Powermat also available in Italy: the proposed base at a price of 89.90 euros. In addition to being taken care of from every point of view, the standard equipment is quite complete. In addition to the actual charging base, there is a portable power supply with a roll-up cable that is used to connect Powermat to the power outlet. In the package that Macitynet received for the test we found a 100-240V power supply that can be used both in our country and in the United States, unfortunately the wall socket was the one in the US standard. Also included in the standard equipment are 7 adapters and the Powermat Powercube: the latter is a receiver that allows you to recharge various pocket devices using the adapters provided.

So with the standard equipment of the Powermat it is possible to charge iPhone, touch and iPod via the Dock adapter, LG and Samsung phones, Sony, the DS portable console and also the DSi version, finally all the paperbacks that offer a micro USB charging port . To take full advantage of the three charging compartments offered by the Powermat base and benefit from wireless induction charging, it is advisable to purchase one or more optional accessories.

Recommended optional accessories We are referring to the Receiver / Cover for iPhone 3G and 3GS, proposed at the price of 39.90 euros: it is a hard case that integrates the Powermat receiver in the rear. The solution designed to offer maximum practicality: once inside the iPhone protective shell it must no longer be removed and whenever a sufficient recharge is needed, place it on the Powermat base. The total thickness of the shell is slightly higher near the receiver, however weight and dimensions do not cause particular problems.

Another accessory that Macitynet tried in the test the receiver-Dock for iPod or iPhone proposed at the price of 34.99 euros. It is a base that can accommodate any iPod or even iPhone thanks to the dock port and a system that allows you to adjust the support according to the thickness of our pocket. To recharge as always, simply place the receiver / dock on the Powermat, in this way you can easily power any Apple pocket with Dock port.

In the Powermat catalog we also find a charger for several Blackberries that replaces the rear compartment of the smartphone with a new panel equipped with a Powermat receiver. There are versions for the Bold, the Curve 8900, Curve 8300 and also for the Pearl. Powermat also offers a protective / receiver shell for Nintendo DS and the Powermat Powercube handyman accessory which at the price of 39.90 euros includes 8 connectors to recharge pocket and mobile devices of the main brands.

The review continues on this page with a complete photo gallery, conclusions and purchase information.