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PowerMac with YellowDogLinux

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PowerMac with YellowDogLinux – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Terra Soft Solutions has announced the availability of PowerMacintosh with Yellow-Dog Linux pre-installed. The Macs currently available are the PowerMacs of the G4 series starting at $ 1699, iBooks starting at $ 1274 and iMac G4 starting at $ 1474. Terra Soft on request can provide customized configurations and unit clusters that do not validate the Apple warranty.

Yellow Dog Linux, remember, a Red Hat and RPM based distribution capable of coexisting with Mac OS. This operating system features a graphic installer and offers both KDE and Gnome (very mature and elegant desktop environments). The software equipment is interesting: over 1,000 packages that vary from applications for the web-server to those for code development.

Special offers

Enhance your Mac or iPad with discounts: Magic Trackpad at 110.95 and Magic Keyboard at 125.99

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