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Portable video, people know it thanks to iPod

Portable video, people know it thanks to iPod logomacitynet1200wide 1

If the iPod has made digital music a universal and usable in a transparent and intuitive way, the 5G iPods have paved the way for portable video and can be considered the real reason why this form of digital entertainment now has its own identity. This is the essence of a research released yesterday by In-Stat on the world of PMP (Portable Media Players).

The numbers presented by In-Stat say that this segment has grown substantially, going from 390,000 units in 2004 to 5 million planned for the end of 2006. The leap forward has contributed substantially, according to In-Stat, precisely the launch of the iPod video that "raised awareness of the existence of the PMP in the public and triggered the launch of a series of competing products by SanDisk, Creative and Samsung". And it would always be thanks to the iPod video that now 75% of American consumers have some kind of family with portable video.

In the future, the research company estimates that PMP devices will continue to face strong competition from other specialized hardware (such as portable DVD players, notebooks and pocket consoles). Important opportunities will come from improving the quality of the compression software, from selling online videos and from wireless capabilities that some systems will soon adopt.

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