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Portable video conferencing from Apple?

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Portable video conferencing from Apple? – logomacitynet1200wide 1

After presenting in February QuickTime broadcaster, capable of capturing and encoding QuickTime streams (also in MPEG-4) to distribute them on the web, and after having alluded to them during the April meeting of Apple shareholders by Steve Jobs' own mouth, he could It is almost time for Apple to release a portable accessory related to videoconferencing.

The phantom peripheral would allow users to send a video stream to the web from anywhere and at any time.

J.D. Edwards, the creator of oSopinion, claims that Apple should have released the product during the aforementioned shareholders' meeting, but that it was forced to delay due to licensing problems with the MPEG-LA consortium).

Apple recently revealed that it is close to the agreement with MPEG-LA, and therefore the product could arrive at the Macworld Expo together with QuickTime 6. (By Marco Centofanti)

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