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Portable programs: the best ones to keep on the USB stick


Best portable programs to use on the Windows PC and keep on a USB stick. Best portable programs without installation for USB sticks (Windows)

Best Portable Programs

Best Portable Programs


In this article we will see the complete list of best portable programs to put in a USB stick and usable, without installation, on any PC with Windows operating system.

As always, we will try to keep this article up to date so we can advise you only the best portable programs, only those really well made and indispensable to always keep on hand on your USB stick for use with any Windows computer or PC.

Having said that, without further ado, let's see what are the best portable programs that we have chosen for you. For each program you will find:

  • first name
  • image
  • short description
  • download link

obviously if you know other desirable portable apps that are not on the list, just leave a comment at the end of the article to let us know the name of the program; we will try it and add it to the list.

That said, here are the best portable apps that shouldn't be installed but that you should always carry it with you.

Indispensable portable programs

1. Search Everything

Search Everything

It is, as you can easily guess, a program that allows you to search on Windows. Personally I think that the management of the search on Windows with the native tool is bad, which is why I strongly recommend trying this program, which searches (and finds) much faster files of any type, even hidden ones and that usually the search for Windows struggles to find. And then much faster and faster in the search.


2. Notepad ++

Notepad ++

Here too you can easily guess what we are dealing with: a professional and very powerful notebook, useful for taking notes, but not only. It is perfect for editing texts, managing the various .config files of games and programs or emulators and more. As in the previous case, clearly better and more complete than the original Windows one. Particularly recommended also to developers thanks to the dedicated features.


3. Google Chrome

Google Chrome

I think there is no need for presentations: the best internet browser for me, here in a portable version to be used on all Windows PCs directly from your stick.


4. 7-Zip

7-Zip "width =" 624 "height =" 626 "srcset =" 624w, https: // www. 300w, 419w "sizes =" (max-width: 624px) 100vw, 624px "/></p>
<p>Here instead we are dealing with the best program to manage archives and zip or RAR files. It is a convenient and powerful tool that allows you to extract archived or zipped files, but also to zip and compress files and folders, all in a simple, clear and fast way from a USB stick.</p>
<p><strong>DOWNLOAD HERE</strong></p>
<h4><span id=5. GIMP

A fantastic open source image editor that you must always have with you. We can describe it as a sort of free version of Photoshop for the features it offers. It is simple to use, immediate, intuitive, full of functions for both novice and expert users. If you are dealing with graphics, this program must be present on your USB stick to always carry with you. Inexperienced users will have to get used to its functionality and its interface, but after you start using it you will not do without it.


If you want instead Photoshop Portable version to download for free, read this article:

6. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player

Here too there are not many presentations: the best program to manage video files and multimedia files of any format. If there is a video that is not played or opened on the Windows PC, with VLC you will be able to open it. It is compatible with all formats in the world, light and very easy to use. It is simply the best video player, proposed here in a portable version.


7. LastPass

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<p>Not everyone uses programs like this, but personally I find it very useful. It is a password manager, which stores and keeps all your passwords safe, inserts them when necessary and creates new ones that are very strong and secure. If you are still part of those users who use the same password on all sites, I strongly recommend you to STOP now and switch to programs like this to keep your data and files safe.</p>
<p><strong>DOWNLOAD HERE</strong></p>
<h4><span id=8. CCleaner

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<p>Here too you don't need a long presentation: <strong> the best program to keep your Windows PC clean and efficient.</strong> Over time, as you know, the PC accumulates dirt, unused files, "ghost" files that remain on the hard disk and take up space or slow down the system. With CCleaner you only need one click to <strong>clean up, speed up and optimize your Windows PC.</strong>The program deals with analyzing the problems of the PC, finding the programs that slow it down, the junk files that take up space in the memory and are no longer useful and in total autonomy deletes and optimizes everything. If some friends call you because their PC is too slow, has run out of space on the hard disk or has other problems with Windows, with this program you can solve almost all of them quickly and automatically. A must have!</p>
<p><strong>DOWNLOAD HERE</strong></p>
<h4><span id=9. LibreOffice

LibreOffice "width =" 700 "height =" 394 "srcset =" 700w, wp-content / uploads / 2019/06 / LibreOffice-300x169.png 300w, 696w "sizes =" (max- width: 700px) 100vw, 700px "/></p>
<p>And even here the presentations are almost superfluous: <strong> the free and portable version of Microsoft Office.</strong> It allows you to manage all Office files (Word, Excel, PowerPoint ..) comfortably and for free, with the difference that compared to the Microsoft program here everything is much lighter and totally free. If you often deal with Office documents but don't want to pay a license to Microsoft, this is the solution for you!</p>
<p><strong>DOWNLOAD HERE</strong></p>
<p>If you want instead<strong> the version of Microsoft Office Portable to download for free</strong>, read this article:</p>
<h4><span id=10. MP3jam

MP3jam Portable

A very light and simple to use program that allows you to download music and MP3 for free from the internet. Indispensable to download all the songs you want and listen to them offline without internet connection.


11. Wondershare Recoverit Ultimate

Have you deleted or lost any important files or documents? Do you need to recover deleted files and documents from your computer's trash or memory stick, MicroSD or other devices? This program is for you: try to recover lost or accidentally deleted files. It does not guarantee recovery, but attempting does not harm.


12. FormatFactory

FormatFactory is a very simple to use application that allows you to change – in one go, the format of a group of files. It doesn't matter if it's video, audio or images: FormatFactory manages them all. The program converts any video to MP4, 3GP, MPG, AVI, WMV, FLV, SWF, …; any audio file in MP3, WMA, MMF, AMR, OGG, M4A, WAV …; any image in JPG, BMP, PNG, TIF, ICO.

FormatFactory not only offers conversion tools, but, for example, it allows you to duplicate Audio CDs and video DVDs, repair audio and video files, create "disk images".


13. Skype

Skype is the most popular VoIP client of all. Through it, millions of people around the world communicate by talking on the phone or making video calls over the Internet. If you are among those who use this software a lot, you will certainly be interested in downloading its portable version for Windows.


14. Utorrent Pro

If you download Torrent files from the Internet and you want to do it even while you are away from home, from any other PC, this program is for you! The best client to download Torrent from the Internet: powerful, customizable, fast, full of functions, easy to use!


Alternatively you can try BitTorrent Pro, which you can download from HEREand that does practically the same things. They are two alternative programs, choose the one you prefer.

15. Free YouTube Download Premium

An extremely powerful and easy-to-use program for downloading videos, audios, music and any other files from YouTube. It allows you to download songs and MP3s from YouTube, to download videos from YouTube and much more in just a few clicks. A must have, it cannot be missing on your "portable" key.


Alternatively try YouTube By Click Premium, which basically does the same things.

16. Adobe Premiere Pro 2019

Premiere Pro CC the industry-leading video editing software for cinema, TV and the web. Thanks to its creative tools, integration with other Adobe apps and services and the power of Adobe Sensei, you can turn your footage into optimized videos and videos in a single workflow. In addition, with Premiere Rush you can capture the footage and start processing it directly on all your devices, wherever you are.


17. VueScan Pro

VueScan a universal program to be able to control scanners of any brand. It is one of the most complete applications for scanning images and documents on the market, it offers an infinite number of parameters that allow you to control everything down to the last detail.


18. JPEGmini Pro

As can be deduced from its name, JPEGmini allows you to compress images in JPEG format, managing to reduce their size significantly. It was designed to reduce the size of the graphic files without affecting the original resolution and quality.

The elegant and at the same time essential interface, just to speed up file processing operations. Just a drag and drop operation is enough to bring the photos into the work area and be ready to start the compression phase.


19. BurnAware Professional & Premium

Simply one of the best programs to burn to CD and DVD. Its simple and well structured interface and you will be able to make perfect burns in a few simple steps.


20. WhatsApp

Obviously, the portable version of WhatsApp for Windows PC could not be missing. The program, as easy to guess, allows you to chat with friends, relatives and acquaintances on WhatsApp directly from a Windows PC. Simple and convenient to use, I would call it almost indispensable nowadays.


21. SoftOrbits Batch Picture Resizer

Resize and convert images in fully automatic mode! By making routine image processing tasks automatic, it allows you to easily convert between numerous image formats, insert logos or watermarks into multiple images, as well as resize photos in the highest possible quality.

In addition, Batch Picture Resizer supports a number of lossless operations such as flip, mirror mode and rotate image without losing the quality of the display.

  • No special skills required
  • All image formats
  • High quality


22. Disk Drill Professional

Free software for data recovery on Windows operating systems. Sometimes, wouldn't you want to click on Restore and return the newly deleted files from the recycle bin? One moment, and they are already gone. There is software that knows how to click on that button and recover deleted files, and that Disk Drill program for Windows! Retrieve deleted documents, photos or music files much easier with Disk Drill for Windows. It doesn't matter how long the Trash has emptied. Whether it's been a long time, or a few minutes, Disk Drill well equipped with data recovery tools suitable for any situation.


23. Auslogics Driver Updater

Auslogics Driver Updater a tool that checks for missing driver updates, then installs some or all of them in one click. Convenient!


24. Adobe InDesign CC 2019

Create digital magazines, eBooks and interactive online documents that engage users with audio, video, presentations and animations. InDesign allows you to easily manage design elements and quickly deliver engaging experiences in any format, from EPUB to PDF and HTML.

Realize projects of any kind, from stationery, flyers and posters to brochures, annual reports, magazines and books. With professional tools for layout and text composition, you can create pages divided into multiple columns with captivating typographic effects and advanced graphics, images and tables. Plus, you can prepare your documents for printing with just a few clicks.

Design faster and smarter with tools designed specifically for collaboration. InDesign integrates seamlessly with Adobe InCopy CC, so you can work on layouts by working simultaneously with authors and reviewers. Access your Creative Cloud Libraries and share text, colors, shapes, graphics and other resources with team members to maintain consistency between projects.


25. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic CC

Process and organize your photos with the desktop-optimized app.

Photos do not always do justice to the scene imprinted in your memories. But with Lightroom Classi CC, you have all the editing tools you need to make the most of your photos on the desktop. You can intensify colors, brighten off shots, remove misleading objects and straighten crooked photos. In addition, the latest version offers improved performance that allows you to work faster.

With an improved performance system, Lightroom Classic CC allows you to import photos, generate previews and switch between Library and Development modes in record time.


26. Kindle Converter

Kindle Converter a useful tool for converting eBooks from Kindle format to PDF and beyond. This way, eBooks can also be read on other devices. Books purchased for Kindle are supported only by the Amazon device, but thanks to this program you will be able to convert the format of electronic books and make them compatible with other e-book readers and with your computer.

This application converts from Kindle format to PDF, Word, ePub and many others, which means that the file can be opened from any PC.

The program is very easy to use: you will have to choose the books you want to convert and with a single click you can convert it to any format you want.


27. ePub Converter

EPUB Converter a simple tool that performs a single operation and that is to convert documents from PDF format to EPUB so that they can also be accessed by ebook readers.

The interface is very essential, all the functions are enclosed within a small window. The basic use is even more trivial. All users will need to do is upload the PDF file to be converted and start the conversion process. In a few moments, a few seconds but it depends on the size of the PDF, the program will provide us with our EPUB file which we can then export to be used on all the latest e-book readers.


28. Adobe Illustrator CC 2020


29. Adobe After Effects CC 2019


30. Nero Burning ROM 2020

Copy, import and burn to favorite disc types? Create discs with maximum security? All this is not a problem for the latest version of the Nero burning expert, which with SecurDisc 4.0 and much more provides excellent results!


31. Movavi Slideshow Maker

Do you want to make a special gift to your loved ones on the occasion of the holidays? Create a fantastic slideshow! the perfect gift to communicate your affection and capture the memories of birthdays, weddings or graduation parties. With Movavi Slideshow Maker for Windows, also available in Italian, you can create fantastic slideshows quickly and easily with lots of transitions and music. Try the Movavi slideshow maker now!


32. Adobe Acrobat Pro DC 2019

Acrobat DC the completely renewed desktop version of the best PDF solution in the world. It includes a mobile app that allows you to compile, sign and share PDFs on any device. In addition, with Document Cloud services, you can create, export, edit and monitor PDFs in any browser and have continuous access to recent files on all your devices.


33. Light Image Resizer

Compress, resize, or convert your photos. It is a SUPER powerful program, a must have.


34. Advanced SystemCare Pro

The perfect program to manage, optimize and clean up your Windows PC in case of problems. Cleans and optimizes your PC to unlock the full potential and prevent privacy loss. Solves registry problems, reduces Windows crashes and error messages. Optimizes browser settings to radically speed up Internet connection. Automatically erases its tracks when the browser is closed, protecting the user's privacy, which in this way is not localized by computer parasites.


35. Luminar

An EXCEPTIONAL photo editing program. Very easy to use, very powerful, it allows you to edit and make your photos unique by applying stunning filters and effects. You can do everything by hand, or you can make the program act so that it creates the perfect photo according to your tastes.


36. Movavi Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder: the best screen recording program. Movavi Screen Recorder is a light and powerful program to record your PC screen that allows you to record streaming music and videos from websites, Skype calls, program interactions and much more.


37. WinRAR

WinRAR is a powerful archive management program that allows you to compress many files in a single archive, using the RAR compression format, the absolute best as a compression ratio. It allows you to merge and compress multiple files in a single archive, in an intuitive and fast way thanks to an advanced graphic interface and integration with Windows Explorer.

The use of sophisticated and customized compression algorithms according to the type of data makes it one of the programs with one of the best compression factors in the world, with an improvement of up to 20% compared to the ZIP format of WinZIP and others.


38. KMS Tools

All-in-One collection of activators for Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2019 and Office 2010/2013/2016 & 2019.


39. Mozilla Firefox Quantum

Light, powerful, fast, anonymous and secure internet browser. A must have for surfing the internet on the move without being spied on and tracked.



These, at the moment, are the best portable programs you MUST have on your USB stick.

If you download and install these programs on your USB stick, you can practically always have everything you need with you to better manage your Windows PC and its possible problems.

As already mentioned, if you think something is missing, just indicate the name of the program in the comments at the end of the article, we will try it and add it to the list.

Before concluding, however, I point out another interesting article that might be right for you:

Best sites to find Portable programs

If the programs listed below are not enough or something very important is missing for you, here is a very complete list with the best sites from which to download Portable programs for free in a few clicks.

They are the best in the world: here you will surely find the program you are looking for!

What are Portable Programs?

Before closing with the article, I would like to make a moment of clarity on the portable programs for Windows PC, since many people do not know what they are and how they work.

When it comes to portable or portable apps or "portable apps" we refer to thoseWindows applications or programs that are NOT installed on your PC.These apps, in fact, work without installation: they are downloaded from the internet, put on the PC or on a USB stick, they start in one click without installation.

What are the advantages of portable programs?

The advantages are many:

  • without installation, takes up less space on your PC
  • they can always be carried, perhaps on a USB stick or external hard drive
  • they can be used on all those Windows PCs in which there is a block towards the installation of new applications or programs (at work, at school, at university ..)
  • portable programs, when used, they leave no trace in the registry: as if they "did not exist" (only if you start them from an external USB stick)
  • they work on any Windows PC

Now you better understand the importance and convenience of portable programs for Windows PCs?

In case of other doubts or questions, feel free to use the comment space at the end of the article.

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