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Poland, only extras queued

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Queues for the purchase of iPhones are also forming in Poland, one of the countries where iPhone will arrive between tonight and tomorrow morning, pity that they are people paid by Orange, one of the two operators who will distribute the mobile phone in the country of Eastern European. To admit that the not too thick clusters of people waiting for them to open stores are not made up of real enthusiasts willing to be the first to get their hands on the iPhone but real salaried 'extras' as part of a marketing plan, the mobile operator. We organized this initiative – reads a Reuter note that attributes the words to an anonymous spokesperson – in 20 stores across the nation. It is a way of raising the focus on the product.

The suspicion that professional 'codists' had been hired to give greater effect to the iPhone launch had already arisen on 11 July in Sweden. Telia Sonera would not have carried out the plan, thanks to the fact that the queues had then formed spontaneously, which apparently Orange in Poland is desperate to happen. The high price of the telephone and the equally high costs of the telephone plans would be the two main obstacles to spreading the enthusiasm of local customers.

The proof that there are actors in action in front of the iPhone stores in Orange, would be in what happens in front of the T-Mobile stores where last night there was no living soul.

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