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Pokémon GO: appointment of Pokéstops from next week and other news coming

Pokémon GO: appointment of Pokéstops from next week and other news coming

Pokémon GO is preparing to receive interesting news, announced today by Niantic during a press event held in San Francisco.

Let's start by talking about the Global launch of Niantic Wayfarer, the new platform designed for the appointment and review of points of interest that will be added to Pokémon GO and other Niantic titles. The official debut will take place next week all over the world and all the trainers who have reached level 40 and who will pass a small test to ascertain their judgment skills can take part.

Once you join Wayfarer, you can suggest points of interest to add to the map (which will turn into Pokéstops or gyms) and evaluate those required by other users. For more details on the operation, we invite you to consult the official website.

The second news announced concerns the introduction of the modality Buddy Adventure (non-definitive name), an AR multi player experience that will allow players to interact with their Pokémon and those of their friends. Through this function you can play with Pokémon (a bit like in the main titles of the series) and they can even interact with each other in a shared AR space. There is also the possibility of taking group photos. Buddy Adventure will be available in the coming months.

Finally we point out update of the AR engine present in the game. This news will come in the future Рthere is still no date for implementation on Pokémon GO Рwithin the Niantic Real World Platform and will allow Pokémon to interact more realistically with their surroundings. In particular, the new AR motor is able to detect when a 3D model is positioned behind an object that hinders the player's vision.

In this way it will be possible to make the Pokémon hide behind the walls, under the tables and interact in a credible manner with particular surfaces (such as water, for example) and with the environment around them. you can see an example of this in the GIF above.

In short, 2020 promises to be a year full of news for Pokémon GO: we remind you that the debut of the online rankings for the PVP mode is also expected in the first few months of the year.