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PNY Duo-Link 3.0 review, the external memory for iPhone and iPad

PNY Duo-Link 3.0 review, the external memory for iPhone and iPad

Duo-Link 3.0 a USB 3.0 type A stick that also has a Lightning connector, allowing you to interface as much with a Mac or PC as with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

This type of memory is spreading very quickly among users, which sees a practical and relatively inexpensive way to increase the space available for your device without having to change it (and invest considerably more substantial figures).

Duo-Link 3.0

Duo-Link 3.0 simple, but sincere idea

The simple mechanics: in the case of Duo-Link 3.0 a USB-A connector connects to the Mac (in our case) and through this allows you to store various types of documents (videos and photos above all).

Then just act on the appropriate slide and extract the Lightning connector (and simultaneously make the USB-A disappear) and connect it to a compatible iOS device which, through the appropriate App, allows access.

From within this it is possible to view the files directly (such as music, movies or photos) and also copy them to and from the device, sharing the documents with other Apps.

Of course, the App also allows you to do other things, such as creating a backup copy of iPad photos and videos in an external unit without having to go through a computer, which is very convenient if you are traveling and want to secure all your shots (avoiding consuming all the 3G / 4G credit for the cloud).

Inside the key there are some folders that divide the contents into Music, Videos, Images and Contacts, but you can obviously create other folders as you wish.

The peculiarity of the App to present itself in a simple and clear way: put in the hands of several people, some of whom are at the brink of computer illiteracy, we can say that they had no problem using it.

Only note, the localization of some items of the App very hasty, and often we relied more on the experience with iOS than on the real meaning of the commands (perhaps it was better to leave it in English).

The interaction is beautiful: by touching the left part of the display while playing a film, you can adjust the brightness, as in the right part the volume.

Duo-Link 3.0

Cylon appearance

The external appearance of the key reminded us a little of the lines of the famous cult TV series Battlestar Galactica (in the 1978 version) because of the curved corners and the central slide in Cylon look (which lights up during use) and allows the exit of a connector and the contemporary disappearance of the other.

The sturdy metal shell and proofs in the hand is easily connected to iPhone and iPad even with very varied cases: the shape for not small and once connected to an iPad, especially, protrudes a little and you have to be careful (and you have to remove it before store it in your bag or pocket).

We would have liked that the key, once connected to an iPhone / iPad, retained an additional Lightning connector for charging or headphones (since there is no analogue jack from iPhone 7) but this defect shared with all the others similar devices on the market, so it comes to think that perhaps the thing is not possible at the moment or it makes everything too complex.

The writing speed is low, and lower than that of a normal USB 3.0 stick, while in reading (which is the main task here) the access times are much better and in line with expectations.

Duo-Link 3.0

The easiest way

A fairly simple device that offers what it promises: an economic way to increase the space on your iOS device, an easy way to share even large documents from Mac and iPhone (and vice versa) and obviously a way for a fast backup when away from your computer .

The app is simple, intuitive and basic and does what it has to do with very few taps: some indecision on the location could however be easily fixed with updates.

The sturdiness of the shell (however, be careful), together with the convenience of having a double connector makes it a hardware device that you can easily get used to and, indeed, which after a while practically impossible to give up.

You can find the PNY Duo-Link 3.0 key at the PNY affiliated sales chains (here the complete list), but also available online on in the 32, 64 and 128 GB denominations starting from the suggested price of 79.99 Euros


  • Generally good performance
  • The interesting security mechanism
  • The simple and functional App


  • The case comes out a little too much
  • Localization of the hasty App
  • A charging outlet is missing

Price: 79.99 Euros (32 GB subject to this test), 119.99 Euros (64 GB) and 159.99 Euros (128 GB)