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Plustek OpticBook 3800L is the book and magazine scanner ready for Mac and PC

Plustek OpticBook 3800L

A new scanner has arrived in Italy: it is the Plustek OpticBook 3800L, which integrates the basic functions of any other home and office scanner with the addition of a special mode for scanning books.

In addition to digitizing printed documents in various formats up to the size of an A4, this solution in fact optimizes the scans of books, magazines, comics and any other type of material that has a binding. The limit of many traditional scanners is that they are unable to detect the curvature of the pages, therefore they offer a scan that can be distorted at the edges.

Plustek OpticBook 3800L

Plustek OpticBook 3800L instead equipped with an adjustable cover that allows you to scan even the thickest books at best and, thanks to the proprietary Shadow Elimination Element technology, able to eliminate the classic shadows and distortions due to book bindings and spine thus allowing to digitize all pages in an optimal way.

This scanner can be controlled via Mac and Windows PC with the BookPavillion software equipped with some special functions such as automatic cropping and page rotation. The package also includes ABBYY FineReader Sprint, a program for converting books and documents scanned into different formats including PDF and ePub, the latter excellent for reading on tablets and e-reader devices.

Plustek OpticBook 3800L therefore a valid solution to digitize all those school books or particularly bulky volumes that you want to have always at hand, perhaps even lightening your back on long journeys.

Moreover, thanks to the functions offered by e-readers and reading apps on tablets, it is possible to underline and add notes without physically ruining the volume that you can safely leave at home. Very good, from this point of view, to scan quizzes and exercises that you want to repeat several times without leaving any visible trace on the paper book.

Plustek OpticBook 3800L

For those interested in purchasing we point out that Plustek OpticBook 3800L available in Italy with a retail price of 229 euros. It is already on sale also on Amazon.