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Plattan and Tanto, presented the new Urbanears headphones

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Urbanears presents its two new models of headphones, compatible with any device equipped with a 3.5 mm jack and therefore also with Mac, iPod and iPhone. The two models are called Plattan and Tanto, and meet the different needs of the user groups.

The Plattan are the top model, of medium size with soft pads for maximum comfort. The main features are two: the posability, which allows you to fold them easily to optimize space, and a second headphone input on the Plattan themselves. This way a friend can easily connect to your headphones to listen to your music. The cost of Plattan is expected to be around $ 60.


The Tanto instead recall the 80's style, with bright and lively colors and a lighter and more sporty style. The soft sponge pad gives maximum comfort, as well as the essentiality of the headband. The cost of Tanto is estimated at around $ 40.


In both cases, the models are equipped with a wired remote control with microphone, which makes them optimal even when used via mobile phone.For more information on the Swedish company, we recommend visiting the official Urbanears website.

[Edited by Giordano Araldi]