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Pix'n Love Rush: psychedelic platformer on iPhone and touch

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Pix'n Love Rush: psychedelic platformer on iPhone and touch –

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Born from an Arkedo Series 03 Pixel rib! for Xbox Live Indie Games, Pix'n Love Rush a very original game created specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch market by the guys from Bulkypix and PastaGames. It is basically a mix between platform and arcade, in which the player's goal will be to go through each level, collecting bonuses and scoring as many points as possible. The mechanics are simple enough: collecting the bonuses you go to increase the score and the multiplier increases, while stumbling in some malus you lose points and the multiplier decreases. Along the way, small purple bats are also scattered, which can be eliminated through the only vertical attack of the protagonist. The more complex levels offer platforms that disappear, long jumps to perform and even sessions in which to protect creatures from attack by bats.

Initially, after attending the short tutorial, it will be possible to face only a limited time mode lasting 5 minutes. The aim will be to survive to the end, trying not to completely reset the multiplier, which would irreparably cause the Game Over. An infinite mode will however be unlockable once the previous one has been completed, in which the player must try to get the maximum score by passing as many levels as possible; levels that, of course, will be increasingly difficult. But the strength of Pix'n Love Rush is its wonderful graphic style, psychedelic and composed of huge neon pixels, capable of making the Bulkypix game different from any other on the App Store. Whenever the multiplier reaches a certain amount, the graphics will change completely, suddenly going from red neon to yellow and black shades that strongly resemble the old Nintendo Game & Watch. The music also changes accordingly, increasing rhythm and volume and sometimes adding fantastic new chiptune tones. The distinction between bonuses and malus is also intelligent: everything negative, from traps to bats, will be purple, while the score multipliers and the creatures to defend are yellow. It is hoped that new content will be released soon, although the developers have not yet announced anything yet. Pix'n Love Rush available on the App Store at a cost of 79 cents.

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