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Pirate newspapers on Telegram: the struggle to obscure the channels continues

pirated newspapers on telegram

114 were discovered and seized by the Bari prosecutor's office with the channel owners and unidentifiable members

For each channel Telegram is closed, another opens with a different name. The illegal dissemination activity of pirated pdf of thousands of books, newspapers and magazines does not stop. To date 114 are discovered and seized by the Prosecutor of Bari. A number that increases day by day. After the first emergency seizure carried out by Guardia di Finanzaon April 27 with the closure of 20 channels, in a few days another 94 were identified. But i pirated newspapers on Telegram they continue undaunted in their publications on new channels created ad hoc, or with redirections on parallel channels.

An investigation, therefore, far from concluded, also perchrestano to identify the authors of the crimes hypothesized by the Bari judiciary, money laundering, receiving stolen goods, abusive access to a computer or telematic system, theft and violation of copyright law.

pirated newspapers on telegram

The findings aimed at identifying the person in charge of the channel, to whom to refer the responsibility for the illegal entry of the pirated file the Prosecutor explains in the seizure order have failed, as both the channel owner and the subscribers are not identifiable in any way. Nor was it possible to identify the subject who entered the digital content in the channel ". Basically a fight against ghosts.

Investigations have found that on the Telegram app, downloadable by anyone at no cost to smartphones, tablets and PCs, there are several channels that make available to subscribers, in real time, free of charge or by paying a few euros per month, daily, weekly, monthly, periodical magazines, in digital format, normally available to interested users only upon payment of a fee. A phenomenon of such vast and worrying proportions highlights the power of attorney, with estimated damage to the publishing sector around the 670 thousand euros per day (250 million euros per year) and that it presents a particular gravity because it affects the constitutional protection of freedom of thought, the basis of all democracy.