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Pioneer: here are all the features of the iPhone and iPod docking stations

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Pioneer today announced all the features of the new speaker systems for the iPod and iPhone XW-NAS5 and XW-NAS3, the docking stations, previewed from Macitynet at the IFA in Berlin.

The accessories, both learns, offer a 2.1-channel digital amplifier and come with down-firing subwoofers. Unlike many other speaker systems for iPod or dock-station and first in their product category, these units avoid the intermediate conversion steps from digital to analog, to ensure digital quality of maximum purity. The ultra-rigid structure reduces vibrations and rumble during playback, while the double sealed case protects the diffusion of sound from any interference.

Through an optional Bluetooth adapter, both systems are designed for wireless reception of music files from mobile phones or from PCs with Bluetooth function; they also allow playback even when the player is being charged and are equipped with a remote control as large as a credit card, extremely easy to use, which guarantees full control over the unit.

The new Pioneer sound systems use component and composite video output for playing video content from an iPod player located on the dock-station. For audiophiles with a more refined ear, the XW-NAS5 also offers Pioneer technology for sound enhancement, which includes the Advanced Sound Retriever function * specially developed to improve the listening experience of compressed music * and control automatic level.

The Pioneer XW-NAS5 system also features a series of pre-installed soundscape tracks, which can optionally be mixed into music playback. The listener can then select the most suitable track for their moments of relaxation: immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a tropical beach, let yourself be enveloped by the sounds of the metropolis, savor the sound of the undertow or a stream in the heart of a forest, stroll in the the grass of an autumn meadow or give in to the nostalgic charm of the sound of vinyl. To complete the offer, an FM radio and a LED clock with Snooze, Wake-Up and Sleep functions.

In support of the launch of the new docking stations, Pioneer offers all customers who choose the XW-NAS5 or XW-NAS3 models from 1 December 2009 to 31 January 2010 a free pair of headphones, selectable from four colors red, black, gray it's white. To have headphones, you must register an account on the Pioneer website, register the product, entering all the required data (including the serial number) and follow the instructions to receive the free headphones.

As for prices, the NAS3 model costs 399 Euros, the NAS5 costs 499 Euros.