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Pierluigi Pardo: Tiki Casa, social media is my new TV

Pierluigi Pardo interviews Tiki Taka Tiki Casa

Pierluigi Pardo talks about the choice to bring his Tiki Taka broadcast on social media with a new format and the usual spirit, this is how Tiki Casa was born

From TV to social networks, from talk shows to interviews, from Tiki Taka to Tiki Casa: Pierluigi Pardo brings his brilliant spirit to Instagram, transferring his successful transmission online which becomes, on Instagram, completely different yet equal.

Pierluigi Pardo a sports journalist with many successes, but not only, a person with many interests and many passions that he demonstrates as a host of programs that do not only talk about sports, for example Eat as you speak with Davide Oldani on Radio 24, just to give an example. the precursor of sports containers in which technical experts are accompanied by personalities from the show or culture, in a mix that today characterizes not only football broadcasts. Perhaps it is precisely from this eclecticism that the idea of ​​creating a new television format on social networks was born.

Pierluigi Pardo interviews Tiki Taka Tiki Casa

Pierluigi Pardo

Cosha Tiki Home in common with the television broadcast?

The spirit, my spirit that goliardic, curious we talk about football but not only, as it has always been to Tiki Taka; the format changes from the talk show, we pass, also for the structure of the platform, to individual interviews, which become more intimate on Instagram, perhaps more true, also because all the guests connect from home.

How did the idea of ​​Tiki Casa come about?

Actually a little by chance, I remember that I was doing a live broadcast with Jovanotti and a user (now I don't remember who), he told me why I didn't bring Tiki Taka on Instagram. From that moment I started thinking about it, then I sent messages, with an idea, to the commentators of the broadcast and I widened the circle to friends: singers, artists, people not necessarily related to the world of football. So the first episode started, made at home, or rather in everyone's homes. Tiki Casa therefore has all the beauty and ugliness of this domestic dimension: with few means, but more intimate, perhaps more direct, more informal and yet surprising. Like when Jovanotti did "Reggae" in a Dorma version, too bad (about reduced means) that the application crashed at that moment, so I lost the video … in fact I make an appeal: if someone washed registered and could send it to me I would be happy.

What is different about Tiki Casa on Instagram compared to Tiki Taka on TV?

Well, Tiki Home made in the home, in the truest sense of the word. For when you interview Enrico Mentana, Lorenzo Jovanotti, Antonio Cassano, Bobo Vieri or Giuliano Sangiorgi maybe you don't need great infrastructure, the person emerges more than the character, the stories become the only central element, there is a greater immediacy and informality that makes even stronger content. a bit like television these days, without frills, without rhetoric and that I like very much, studies without audiences make communication with guests more direct. For Tiki House the format obviously changes: while the broadcast is based on a talk show dynamic, with the continuous interaction of the various guests; on Instagram you can't do it, always a face-to-face interview, closer to the Letterman Show than to a talk.

And what does it keep from the original program?

In addition to the spirit, the idea of ​​mixing football and other elements, which has always involved, well before others, non-sports commentators, mixing the top and the bottom. This cocktail of personality is what I started making seven years ago when the broadcast started on TV. I don't want to give myself credit, but certainly I was among the first to implement this formula full of contaminations, which later spread in many programs. Then I am a sports journalist and the thing that I love most to do the commentary of the matches and I would not change never for anything in the world what I do. But I also have other interests such as music or art and I have always liked to bring characters from these environments to sports broadcasting.

How do you talk about football without football these days?

Very difficult, there are no games and there is not even the market, which is usually at the center of the news when not playing. But football, one of the great themes of the country's sociality, can be declined as a memory by rediscovering old businesses, as an expectation of the restart, as values ​​it expresses. Then in three, four months, when, in short, it will be possible to start again obviously that normality will take over and we will come back to discuss for a penalty kick or a substitution, life a very powerful force that will go on.

How did the guests react to this proposal to move to Tiki Casa?

Very well, indeed I have the possibility of having live characters that perhaps would not have come to the studio. With the situation we are experiencing, obviously they have fewer commitments, it is easier for them to participate for 10 minutes from home and I must say that I have found great availability. The same goes for the courses I take at Iulm, where I have always invited sports and culture personalities. Today it is easier to have them to give a lesson. I believe that this new way of communicating will remain, because we understand that not always because we need to move and that communicating digitally frees time and resources to do more things. The videoconference that was once only sporadic will become more and more the rule and will influence the whole world of work and not only TV.

Pierluigi Pardo interviews Tiki Taka Tiki Casa

Pierluigi Pardo

Why did you choose Instagram for this idea?

Because the idea was born there, because it is convenient and everyone uses it, even if the social media that I have the least followers on. Usually a very aesthetic-based platform, although these days it is offering something more.

So what is the social media you use the most?

Probably Twitter, the first one that I open in the morning to see the news, to get informed and to understand immediately the day's land.

What is this social experience giving you?

For me, an opportunity to test myself with different themes, not only sports, with new characters and with a different format, continuing for the speech started with Tiki Taka. It tests me with one thing I have always liked: a container with people of various backgrounds. Let's see, I have ideas for the future I would say that a type of format that we could also decline on TV at Mediaset.