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Phrases for all occasions thanks to iPhone and iPod touch

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Phrases for all occasions thanks to iPhone and iPod touch – logomacitynet1200wide 1

after buying the gift that comes the tricky … Certainly many of you intent on choosing for Christmas but also on other occasions the most suitable gifts for friends, relatives and acquaintances will hear this phrase rumbling in the head, aware that after choosing the gift you will he must also make the greeting card which is often even more complex than choosing the gift itself. Fortunately, the multifaceted iPhones and iPod touches come to your rescue; simply remove your devices from your pocket, connect to the App Store and buy 'FrasiDaDire'.

The program written by Vito Donato Coscia is a real panacea for those suffering from the 'greeting card evil' but also for all those who always want to have a phrase ready for all occasions. In fact, it contains ideas to write (or even simply pronounce) when a birthday, anniversary, birth, graduation, wedding, Christmas, New Year, Valentine's Day and many other events occur; in all it is over 2000 sentences, divided into 24 categories. Once you have chosen a phrase (even randomly using the iPhone shake function) you can copy or send e-mail or SMS, add to favorites; among the options also that of creating personal phrases taking inspiration from those that are proposed by the program or writing some entirely new ones.

FrasiDaDire costs 1.59 euros

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