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Photos stored on Instagram: how to do and where to recover them

how to store photos on instagram

A little-known feature, but certainly of interest and usefulness is to only temporarily hide photos from your personal profile

You can take advantage of the function of the photos stored on Instagram, that is, that particular command that allows you to remove the online display from the personal page of some contents, which will not be deleted, but simply made safe inside a somewhat hidden space. How to store photos on Instagram? Where are they once stored? And how can you restore them in the online view?

First of all, why the photos stored on Instagram? Very simple. It may happen that we wish to temporarily or permanently remove the possibility of showing some content such as images or videos on our personal space. The reasons can be manifold. There are people we don't want to show up with us anymore or we just want to do some cleaning. However, instead of simply deleting the file, we only go to hide it and, at the same time, save it, with the possibility of re-enabling it at any time we wish.

How to store photos on Instagram

how to store photos on instagram

To store photos on Instagram, the really easy procedure because you have to open the application, then go to your personal profile, open the photo that we want to go to move to the archive and you click on the three dots of the content menu, then click on Archive. And that's it.

archived photo instagram

Summing up:

  • Open Instagram
  • Go to the profile
  • Open the photo
  • Click on the three dots and click on Archive

It is not possible to carry out this procedure from the Instagram version for PC. But where are these images now?

Where to find photos stored on Instagram

where to find instagram archived photos

All very nice, but where can you find these photos stored on Instagram? Not as immediate as you might imagine, but not as difficult either. The application opens, then click on your profile. Now, you have to go at the top right of the settings menu gridand then tap on the clock icon with the arrow counterclockwise. By default the archive of the stories that have been put offline after 24 hours will open. Click on the down arrow in the drop-down menu and tap on Archive of posts. Here are your archived photos.

instagram photo archive

We summarize:

  • Open Instagram
  • Go to the profile
  • Tap on Clock icon at the top
  • Open drop-down menu and tap on Post archive

From here, you can open an archived photo and, again from the three-dot menu, open the command to restore the view on the profile.