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Philips news for iPod / iPhone and Home Theater from the IFA

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From home appliances to health, passing through accessories for mobile computing to the very latest discoveries for home theater: easy to lose your bearings by visiting the impressive Philips stand here at the IFA in Berlin. Of course we have focused our attention on audio devices conceived and designed for iPod / iPhone among which we remember the Mighty mini and the Sonic Style. The first, recognizable by its narrow and elongated shape, houses a portable amplified speaker system capable of playing music for 40 hours with 3 AAA batteries. Always for the transportable audio we also remember Sonic Style circular in shape: unscrewing it the support base comes out which instead during transport remains one with the speaker.

Always round in shape but especially designed for fixed use on Rock n roll. It is shielded to avoid interference from the cellular network, this device integrates the Bass Boost function to better reproduce bass sounds. Once placed iPhone or touch in the practical center to watch movies with amplified audio. Integrates neodymium speaker. Finally, remember the Motorized speaker dock: an amplified system that integrates a motorized Dock base: from the integrated remote control, in addition to controlling the playback functions, you can rotate the pocket to the right or left to better orient it towards the user.

As for peripherals for laptops and therefore also usable with Macs we remember the new Philips mice including one equipped with a mini Bluetooth dongle, finally the Cushion Speaker. the latter offers at the bottom a soft cushion to use the laptop directly on the legs on a bed or armchair, in the front it integrates a stereo speaker system. Inside there is a fan powered by a retractable USB cable that cools the bottom of the laptop.

Home Theater: wireless HDMI and home cinema in 21: 9 formatAmong the numerous nobvits of Philips in the field of home theater we remember the two that most impressed us. The first is the new series of LCD televisions with a side ratio of 21 to 9: according to the manufacturer's declarations, it is the first television to respect the original format of cinemas and, from what we have been able to see in circulation, the statement does not seem just questionable. Definitely more developed in width, the Philips 21: 9 panels offer a highly spectacular vision, with a field of vision that closely resembles the experience of cinemas. Here at IFA, film buffs among the many visitors are literally enchanted in front of the new Philips panels, including the writer.

Among the large series of home theater accessories, with 3D players and televisions and much more, we mention the Wireless HDTV Link. This accessory allows the HDTV signal to be transmitted up to a maximum distance of 20 meters, thus making it possible to position the TV anywhere, avoiding the hindrance and unsightly connection cables. Supports resolution up to 1080p and equipped with two HDMI ports to connect DVD player and game console and also two composite video ports, to connect up to 4 sources in total. The selling price of 599 euros.