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Philips Hue Sync for Mac and PC, the free app that dynamically colors your home

Philips Hue Sync per Mac anima le luci a ritmo di musica e videogiochi

Imagine projecting a slide show on the home TV with the whole room accompanying the colors on the screen with soft lighting coordinated with what you see on the screen or accentuating the dynamics of a game by expanding the effects on the screen to the side walls or more traditionally to have an enhanced Ambilight effect.

And what allows you to do the Hue Sync application for Mac and Windows just released by signify, the new name that Philips Lighting took on from 16 May 2018.

Philips Hue Sync

For Mac and Windows but with smartphone help

The application Philips Hue Sync a free tool dedicated to those who already have or want to buy a Philips Hue kit with a gateway and one or more lamps or LED strips that manage the color: until yesterday everything was manageable on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets and from a WEB application but with the release of the dedicated desktop App ability to interact with i your movies,your games, your image galleries and even with the professional presentations in environments such as meeting rooms where you have access to the lighting apparatus, they change radically.

In fact, the Philips Hue system with any game, video or music file played on your computer The new entertainment software works closely with the Philips Hue app and works for any type of computer with Windows 10 or macOS (starting with macOS Sierra).

Working together with leaders in the entertainment industry, we have gone beyond simple lighting. In the first of the video Immortals, created by the band DCappella, we manage to demonstrate the perfect synchronization between the colors of the video and the immersive capabilities of Hue Sync.

Philips Hue Sync for Mac and PC, the free app that dynamically colors your home

Disney Music Group syncs with Hue

Signify through the long-awaited first video DCappella, composed of voices singing with a cappella effect. The group will perform in the song "Immortals", which was included in the Disney movie "Big Hero 6", Oscar for best animated film in 2015. Thanks to this collaboration, fans can enjoy the video, immersing themselves in an experience to 360.

How it works – a first test

Macitynet has downloaded the application (the exact link this) in version Mac (but the user experience with the version Windows 10 similar thanks to the interface characteristic of the new Signify / Philips Hue software) and has installed it in a system that also provides wireless audio video transmission on Apple TV thanks to Airplay (everything also works with HDMI, Google Chromecast, Miracast direct connection).

The application control panel, completely translated into Italian, has been designed for a very simple use. After selecting the audio, video or gaming mode, it will be possible to harmonize the lights with the entertainment content on your computer, simply by clicking the button.

Philips Hue Sync for Mac and PC, the free app that dynamically colors your home

Since you don't always want to have the same level of immersion for each experience, the software offers the possibility to change the brightness and change the speed of the lights. therefore it is possible to select between soft, mild, high and intense light.

For audio, Philips Hue Sync instead it offers different color palettes adaptable to different musical genres. For example, soft pastel colors are combined with background melodies, while brighter and brighter tones are intended for more lively music such as dance and rock.Philips Hue Sync can be used on desktop and laptop computers, as well as on televisions with the connection possibilities listed above.

Philips Hue Sync for Mac and PC, the free app that dynamically colors your home

Let's start with the smartphone

To start, it is necessary to place the lighting elements on the scene that includes a screen, speakers and a sofa that represents the viewer's position on the appropriate screen of the latest version of the Hue App for Android or iOS: Signify calls it Entertainment area.

In our "reduced" test case we installed a Color Spot with G10 connection in the center of the ceiling and a Hue LED Strip positioned behind the TV against a white background that amplifies the "halo" effect. The ideal would be to have two Hue GO lamps on the sides of the TV and two lamps on the back of the viewer. The spot positioned at the top is not among the recommended lamps since the light is a little too concentrated and does not contribute to that diffusion effect that makes the environment more collaborative in the presentation.

Let's move on to the desktop

In any case, once the environment (or the different rooms of the house) has been configured, we can move on to installing the application on the desktop which requires a series of permissions on accessibility and privacy: in fact, in order to intercept what is happening on the screen or through the microphones the app must have dedicated access: only in this way will it be possible to transform what happens on board into coordinates to enlarge the scene that is broadcast on the screen of your computer or TV.

Once the software is installed we will have to launch the classic pairing procedure with the HUE system which involves pressing the large upper button of the gateway: now our Mac or PC will be inextricably linked to the Philips / Signify hub.

Now we will have to choose theEntertainment area (typically the living room but it could be a study or a room dedicated to gaming or the rumpus room to watch movies with friends)

The application settings are very simple and above all easy to adjust the intensity of the lighting effects, their reactivity to what happens on the screen in order to have the right dosage. We tried to launch photo galleries, videos and to play with a simple platoform game everything works at first glance and certainly the installation unleashes the imagination on what could be achieved with more lights around the screen and behind us.

Everything you need to set up the scene

Below we show you the kits and the colored lightsRecommended by Philips / Signify with which you can organize your personalized entertainment area. The color models with E14 and GU10 pitch are not among those recommended because the type of lighting is too concentrated but we assure you that with the latest available updates and a diffuser (sphere, opaque screen etc) they offer their contribution to the scene.

Philips Hue Go

Philips Hue Lightstrip 200 cm LED strip

Philips Hue White and Color Bulb, GU10

Gateway and kit

Not recommended but upgradeable and compatible

To download Philips Hue Sync for Mac and PC click here. For buy Philips Hue products click here.