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Peter Gabriel Group on Tour: never without Titanium

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Until a few years ago, following the exploits of one's musical darling was a company reserved for journalists and industry experts who reported tour reports in specialized weeklies and periodicals, but now, thanks to the Internet, it is possible not only to know the facts through the stories of reporters but also of those who build the event, animate it, practically from the speakerphone or better from the active computer of the artist and his entourage.

And so while fans of the Genesis of the '70s find it difficult to find filmed material of the famous gigs in which the leader Peter Gabriel assumed from time to time the appearance of the fox of "Foxtrot" or the SplipperMan of "The Lamb lies down on Broadway" today we can follow evening after evening, concert after concert the whole tour of the group that accompanies the musician from Bath on his "Coming Up" tour around the world.

And mind you, the medium is not only the elegant and curated one of the artist's website which contains the music video (directed by Sean Penn) "The Barry Williams Show", the photos of the rehearsals and some funny clips behind-the-scenes footage and preparation of the latest "UP" recording effort: a more spontaneous and "hidden" source is that of the weblog, the diary with images of one of the musicians on the tour, bassist Tony Levin, who dates after date, concert after concert, write down on his digital camera, on his Mac and on the web all the moments of the musical commitment and of the group life โ€of the band by Peter Gabriel.

And so we discover the backstage of the September concert in the square in Arzachena, Sardinia, Peter's new residence in our country, the images of the very first concerts in Monaco and Milan and gradually all the stages that are bringing the band around the USA in this moment.

For those unfamiliar with the music and history of Peter Gabriel, Apple's active testimonial also with one of the first true multimedia CD-ROMs ("Xplora"), it is important to know that the bass player, who accompanied the ex Genesis from the first moment in his Solo career, the first to know the structure of most of the new compositions that precisely on Tony's bass (and many times his fantastic ability to perform on the Stick) and on his phrasing base much of the structure. But Levin also a good guy, the true jovial soul of the group and this shines through the many images and comments inserted here which also concern the use of technology.

So for Apple aficionados there is a pleasant surprise: the protagonists of the images are also the Apple laptops and desktops that we see used in all areas, from the compositional and on-stage management (Richard Chappel, the alter ego " computeresco โ€by Peter Gabriel uses a Titanium at all times, also to make a sound to his boss in the playback of some songs) to that of recreational moments (the band enjoying a Simpsons DVD on a TI in a moment of relaxation, the percussionist who enjoys practicing the backstage of Arzachena) from visits to Apple specialists in Paris to the same creation of the site that hosts the images and which is updated after each concert.From the crew photos and from the backstage we discover that the PowerMacs have been protagonists during the recording of "Up" (started 10 years ago on 2 PowerMac G3 8100 with Logic and ProTools) and its live version with a PowerMac G4 that follows the band during the concert, even those who deal with the administrative part use a candid iBook.

Peter Gabriel's group and his entourage are undoubtedly the most evident and enthusiastic witnesses of how the Mac can be used in any professional sphere and how it can accompany artists who make digital nomadism a principle even in the most difficult conditions of life.

To enjoy photos of Peter Gabriel's concerts, start from this page of the Tony Levin website.

To see the staff "equipment", start from this page on the same site.

To enjoy the backstage of the UP recording and other Peter Gabriel video and audio contributions, start from his site.

QuickTime 6 is required for some of these and for the video for "The Barry Williams Show".