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Periscope, Meerkat and other apps to be elsewhere

The two platforms are not the only ones to leverage on the exchange of experiences at a distance. Here are 10 more, different but equally interesting

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Periscope and Meerkat are certainly among the most popular apps of the moment: they allow you to share endless points of view with a virtually unlimited audience, and their approach opens the door to a new way of communicating with others. Although they have used it intelligently, however, the concept of basenon has certainly not been invented by them: the services and apps that are based on the transmission of experiences thousands of kilometers away are many. Any examples? In addition to Streamago, a made in Italy platform that essentially replicates the experiences of the two already mentioned, we have chosen ten.

Be My Eyes (iOS) When being elsewhere can also be useful: this app connects visually impaired people with anonymous volunteers connected to the service and willing to help others. Who needs can transmit the images of their camera to be helped during daily operations: from recognizing the right jar among those in the pantry to checking the expiry date of the milk.

Density (iOS) Although it does not allow it to be virtually elsewhere, its equally popular utility. With Density keep an eye on the most interesting places in the city to know when they are full of people or, if you are looking for tranquility, when they are finally emptied.

Peeq (Android, iOS) Met Telescope, met Vine: the service is based on the exchange of short clips (as it happens, just 6 seconds) of extremely reduced weight and strongly focused on bringing different people from different corners of the world into contact. Despite this, there is also a strong social and messaging component, designed to keep friends and acquaintances connected.

Visor (Android, iOS) An on demand look at the city clubs. Do you want to know how to queue to enter your favorite club, or let it be known that that evening that so many of you joined on Facebook actually turned out to be a flop? Just request or add information and photos on the map. Like a Waze for shops, squares and pubs.

Tworlds (iOS) Getting in touch with distant experiences can also be a game. With Tworlds, choose a theme from among those proposed that somehow fits what you're about to capture, then take the picture. This is immediately matched to another image of the same category, fresh from clicks and coming from another part of the world.

HypermasherMany clips recorded with Hyperlapse come together in a continuum of images coming from all over the world, reproduced with chillout music in the background. Due to the nature of the videos, you can't expect them to be shown live, but the experience is equally hypnotic and engaging, and a common browser is enough to view the stream.

Oneminute (Android, iOS) A notification per day encourages you to photograph what surrounds you to share it with the world: the app gives you only a minute to find the perfect shot, and after shooting you will have to wait a day to spread the next one. The contents of the community are presented in the initial page classified by distance from your position, number of Like (up to three can be assigned per photo) or from the oldest to the most recent.

Asknative (iOS) See it as a more sophisticated Yahoo Answers focused on getting answers about specific places directly from those who live there. From politics to tourism through gastronomy: Asknative gives you comprehensive answers enriched by personal points of view, which only a native could give you. You can use it from browser or smartphone and tablet.

upclose (Android, iOS) Point the smartphone or tablet, and the platform transmits real-time the instreaming stream to the apps or site. From here connected users can directly comment on what they see in a convenient chat window. It will not be a highly original implementation but the practical, flexible and functional service. It also allows you to review streams when shooting is already finished.

Snapchat (Android, iOS) The well-known ephemeral messaging platform has launched Our Story for a year now, a service that allows you to aggregate all the shots focused on the same event into a single stream of images. Points of view, frames scattered over time and space to rewind and retrace on the part of those who cannot physically be there.


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