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Pen drive with removable memories

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The ever more capacious and inexpensive Flash memories find new uses and new marketing prospects.

To note, in this regard, the appearance on the American market of a singular but also useful reader of this type of storage media produced by the American Interactive Media Corporation (IMC).

His Kanguru Micro Drive made one of the many USB 'pen drives' currently on the market and, like the competition, stands out for its small size and portability. What makes it different from the competition that instead of having an internal memory, has a slot in which you can introduce Secure Digital or MultiMedia Cards.

The combination of dimensions, USB connectivity and the possibility of removing the memory and replacing it, make Kanguru a really interesting product, tearing the card reader from the simple role of desk product, destined almost exclusively to accompany the purchase of a camera digital.

The Kanguru can effectively play the role of reader of memory cards contained in cameras, but thanks to the fact that it plugs directly into the USB port, its size, the lack of a cable and the particularity of inserting the card which almost disappears in the reader body, it can also be used as an external disk to store small amounts of data or to easily transport data from one machine to another. Just combine it with a sufficiently large memory

The Kanguru Microdrive, which obviously has the reading speed of all USB 1.2 devices, also compatible with Mac Os Classic and Mac OS X.