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PCs more expensive than Macs, Apple apologizes to Gartner

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PCs more expensive than Macs, Apple apologizes to Gartner – logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple Australia apologizes to Gartner. At the heart of the official statement is the dissemination of the data contained in a research developed by Gartner herself and carried out in an Australian university from which it would have emerged that Macs are less expensive, if you add up all the expenses imposed by a computer, from purchase to support , of the PCs.

According to what is learned from Apple Australia itself, the press release was inaccurate and took as a general datum a specific datum of a particular reality. "The research was to be used for internal use – says Apple – instead it was spread externally causing confusion"

In fact, it is learned from some sources, Gartner that a well-established research company, is irritated by the clumsy use of the data provided to Apple, especially because it seemed that they were the result of widespread research when instead the investigation was localized and confined to a very particular situation, the art department of the University of Melbourne, on a very small sample of computers. In particular, the impression that it was an official opinion of Gartner herself, when it was not so, aroused disapproval.

It is no coincidence that the apology message reads as β€œthe information contained in the report does not reflect Gartner's position and should not be taken as such. The press release was not approved by Gartner and Apple Australia apologizes to Gartner for any misunderstanding it may have caused. "

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