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PC market: inevitable collapse in Q1 2020 | Gartner, Canalys, IDC

PC market: inevitable collapse in Q1 2020 | Gartner, Canalys, IDC

The PC market had closed 2019 upwards, albeit slightly (+ 0.6% according to Gartner), and 2020 pre-Coronavirus seemed to maintain the trend before a possible drop starting from the following year. However, the very serious economic crisis caused by the pandemic, whose impact will fall on world society only in the coming months, has thought of upsetting everything. When the health emergency began to spread markedly in the West, IDC re-analyzed the market, estimating a 9% drop in shipments in 2020, with a crisis that will be seen mainly in the second quarter.

Canalys, IDC and Gartner they return to the topic by providing their estimates of what happened in Q1: although there are differences in the numbers, the "juice" is always the same, given that all three analysis companies shipments collapsed between 8% (Canalys) and 12.3% (Gartner). In short, slightly different data but the same interpretation of a market in great pain.

METHODOLOGICAL NOTES: Canalys: desktop, notebook, Chromebook, NO tablet and 2-in-1.IDC: desktop, notebook, workstation, NO tablet or 2-in-1. Gartner: PC, notebook, Surface, NO Chromebook, tablet.

Credits opening image: Pixabay