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PC market, east recovering

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PC market, east recovering – logomacitynet1200wide 1

While sales of IT products in the West remain low and the market languishes, opposite signals come from the East, with growing demand.

According to the investigation company Gartner, developing countries such as China, Thailand and Malaysia, in fact, will register double-digit growth with peaks that will reach up to + 39% by the end of the year. Institutional and governmental equipment will buy more, but small and medium-sized industries will also buy more PCs.

Who will continue to disappoint expectations in the east will be peripherals, such as printers; even servers and workstations will not have a great appeal on possible customers. In Asia, a substantial increase in the high-end market can be seen not earlier than 2006, thanks to a decrease in prices and a life cycle of the machines lower than the current one.

The main Asian market will continue to be China, followed by Korea and Australia.

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