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PC magazine, applause for Apple

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PC Magazine known to Mac users for being one of the almost inviolable bastions of the 'cult' of Windows and Wintel products in general. In the past, the space granted to Apple in the magazine, one of a few American IT magazines that, thanks to its authority and tradition, resists the assault of the Internet, which has always been rather scarce and sometimes there has been no shortage of questionable criticisms of the Apple products. .

On the basis of this consideration, therefore, it seems really singularly pleasant to scroll through a review of the iMac LCD decidedly and unequivocally positive and, moreover, placed in a context in which the newspaper carried out a comparative test with other similar products in the PC world.

According to the magazine from the test performed between the 15-inch iMac, a Gateway Profile 4 XL, the Gateway 700XL, and the Voodoo F-550 Imola Orange 2200+, Apple's machine is easily a winner by collecting four out of five 'dots' and deserving the prestigious' Editors' Choice ', a recognition that, published almost as if it were a medal on the boxes and packages of IT products, for US consumers a sort of unappealable guarantee mark.

It should also be noted that the iMac beats Gateway machines which, paradoxically, in an American advertising base their marketing campaign in the USA on the comparison (according to Gatewa, obviously, winning) with Apple's all in one.

PC Magazine stresses that the iMac is the tangible proof that Apple does not focus only on style, but on Cupertino's ability to design computers that are simple to use by equipping them with interesting and useful applications.

To reinforce the idea that something has changed in PC Magazine (and perhaps also in Apple) an equally positive Xserve review arrives in the same issue of the newspaper, which also receives four dots out of five. The journalist underlines how Xserve is a 'relevant, easy to use machine with large storage capacities, a software configuration for an unlimited number of connections at a very reasonable price'