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Pay to be "unloaded".

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Pay to be "unloaded". –

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If your name is Microsoft or Corel, it doesn't matter to you that knowing that starting from today, being able to upload updates to the site costs at least $ 100 a month for a subscription, but if you are a small developer, you will have to send this bitter bite to reach you. , through your software, most of the users of the web.Ironically, the more your important company and the more the software will be automatically included in because it is one of the oldest sites where you can download software , belongs to the c | net group and from 30 September it requires the uploader to subscribe to the "pay for placement" service.

As the experience of the software parked on the .mac servers (and of the related bandwidth problems at the time of the free 'without access limits) teaches, the use of a web or ftp space on a server to which many users have access simultaneously it implies a service that costs a lot in bandwidth and machine efficiency and, with shareholders increasingly nervous about the crises of the various and telecommunication companies, services will become increasingly paid.

Here are the monthly passes offered by Senior Vice President Scott Arpajian last Monday and effective immediately: $ 49 for each upload, valid as a promo, until October 31st; $ 99 "Basic Processing" (online within 10 working days) monthly or " Silver Listing "for a minimum of three months; $ 299" Speedy Processing "(online within 1 business day) monthly or" Gold Listing "for a minimum of three months; $ 1,000 to 10,000" Elite "(online within 1 business day ) unlimited for a minimum of three months; from 15,000 to 30,000 dollars "Download Express" (online within 1 business day) unlimited with customizations for a minimum of three months.

Special offers

iPad Pro 2018 from 256 GB at the already low price of always: 789 euros

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