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PAX asks Apple to readmit the vaporizer apps

La Cina vieta la vendita online delle sigarette elettroniche

A few days ago Apple decided to remove hundreds of vaporizer apps from the App Store and in general all those connected to vaping. The decision was made because, especially in the USA, electronic cigarettes ended up in the eye of the storm because of pathologies that devices such as vaporizers could have caused to thousands of people.

Experts ranging from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention allAmerican Heart Association have attributed a variety of lung injuries and deaths to electronic cigarettes and vaping products, to define the spread of these devices as a public health crisis and a juvenile epidemic, an Apple spokesman said who explained the decision to ban the apps, adding that the company has updated the App Store review guidelines to reflect the fact that apps that encourage or facilitate the use of these products are not allowed.

Vaporizer companies like PAX, counted a lot on the App Store for the dissemination of apps dedicated to this practice and the decision to remove the apps connected to electronic and similar cigarettes, not good news for them.

Vape apps removed from the App Store due to health problems

PAX has written a letter asking Apple to reconsider its decision, since the company has created various vaporizers designed to be controlled and customized with apps for iOS and Android. The dedicated app allows, for example, to get to know the device better, adjust different temperature levels and give away different types of inhalation, check the authenticity of the cartridges and other functions again.

PAX explains that it respects Apple's direction but is worried because the ban prevents consumers from legally having access to "important information and better monitoring of cannabis testing".

PAX reports that its goal is to offer technologies "to allow adults to make informed and informed choices". For example, the company cites the PodID function, designed to offer consumers “exclusive access” to information on vape pods, including details to take advantage of cannabinols and terpenes that are an alternative to smoking and how to access test results regulated by the State that allow users of vaporizers to avoid illicit and dangerous cartridges to vaporize.

The manufacturer of vaporizers PAX asked Apple to readmit the vaping appsPax hopes Apple will retrace its steps by making its iOS apps available again "in the interest of public health and safety". Those who have already downloaded the apps in question can of course continue to use them. Meanwhile, the same apps are available on Android: for the moment Google has not removed the vaping apps from its store.

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