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Paul McCatrney: "The Beatles are not on iTunes because of EMI"

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Paul McCatrney: "The Beatles are not on iTunes because of EMI" – logomacitynet1200wide 1

"We had problems with iTunes," said Paul McCartney immediately correcting himself: "To be precise, not with iTunes, but the problem was with EMI". This brief statement released in an interview by McCartney wipes out in one fell swoop speculations and rumors that for years have been attempting to explain why the Beatles catalog is not yet included in the largest online store for the purchase of digital music.

The singer of historians Beatles also said that he would be happy to make it possible to download the Fab Four repertoire via iTunes because "It is the system used by many people for (the purchase of) their music". McCartney explains that the obstacles have been partially overcome thanks to the new game The Beatles Rock Band which in fact allows users-players to download some Beatles songs. Recall that from tomorrow 9 September the re-mastered versions of all Beatles albums will be available: in the UK they can also be purchased at newsstands.

According to some rumors circulating in recent days, the correspondence of the new launch of the remastered music of the Beatles for tomorrow 9 September and the Apple event, scheduled for the same day, could actually conceal the imminent landing of the Fab Four catalog in the iTunes store online. These are speculations whose reliability has not been confirmed to date; on the other hand, the fact that the title of an album by the Rolling Stones was chosen to describe the event certainly does not support the appearance of anything that has to do with the Beatles.

In any case, there are only a few hours left for verification. Macitynet will be in London tomorrow evening for the satellite broadcast from the Yerba Buona Center of Arts: all the news presented in the iPod and music fields by Apple will be broadcast in real time, immediately available to readers.

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