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Pastebot, copy and paste on steroids for iPhone and iPod (also towards Mac)

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Have you ever had the need using iPhone or iPod touch to keep a text you have found on the Internet, to copy and paste photos in series or to transfer multiple Internet addresses from the browser to a document or an email message and to feel limited by the fact that the iPhone OS system limits storage to a single element? If you recognize yourself in this profile, then the answer is the application of Tapbotdenominata Pastebot.

The small but ingenious development house that Convertbot and Weightbot have already given us, two of the most refined and most personal programs in terms of interface among those available on the App Store, in Pastebot has in fact implemented a copy and paste system to steroids, all the more useful because it is intended for a device which, having no keyboard, requires a method to quickly transfer text and images from one application to another. With Pastebot you can copy multiple elements that once selected are transferred to an area where they remain available to be copied to other programs; once copied, the contents can then be organized into folders for easier management and storage.

Pastebot does more than just manage multiple items copied from applications. Among the functions of great use, it is worth mentioning the possibility of editing the same contents. For example, using predetermined filters, you can selectively replace some terms with others (search and change), you can invert uppercase and lowercase letters, delete (or apply) HTML tags as well as, obviously, rewrite or correct the text. In the case of images, they can be converted to black and white, cut, rotated and changed in colors. finally, it is possible to read some metadata such as image size or number of characters in the text. The content of each element can be sent via email directly from within the application or copy an image into the iPhone camera roll.

One of the most interesting aspects of Pastebot is the ability to interface with the Mac using a dedicated application. From our computer we can send pieces of text or images to the iPhone via Wifi, a very useful feature if we need to have elements to reuse for messages via email or SMS or to be kept because they can be used to take with us as could happen with a address of a hotel or a telephone number that we do not want to add to our address book. The text transfer also works in reverse, from the iPhone or iPhone to the Mac; every element that we decide to send to the Mac is copied to the application currently active.

As a bonus for all this "goodness", which in itself would make reason for the purchase, you will find a very refined interface, where nothing is left to chance and where you notice a meticulous attention to detail, from the look of the clips that we have copied to "curtain" style sounds to end with animations.

A defect? Pastebot not localized in Italian even if for most potential users, given the very intuitive interface, this is a problem that is not too significant and cannot diminish the relevance of the Tapbot program which, in our opinion, one of the most useful applications among those that appeared during the useful weeks on the App Store.

Pastebot costs 2.39 euros and you can download it from here