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Passwarden, how to protect our access data and have them when needed

Passwarden, how to protect our access data and have them when needed

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The security of our data on the internet is a very delicate issue, especially when it is necessary to protect sensitive data such as access to current accounts, bank details etc. For this reason, it is essential to use non-trivial passwords when registering to the different online services, not using common names that are easily identifiable, so as not to expose ourselves to the risk that someone might steal our access data. But when the registrations to our sites and to the various online services start to become many, remembering all the access data becomes impossible.

For this reason, various services have been created that allow you to store, manage and synchronize all our passwords securely, so that you always have all the data we need at hand. I have always been a loyal user of 1Password, but recently my attention fell on Passwarden, a new application available for a few months for iPhone, iPad and Mac that has recently reached release 2.0.

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Unlike 1Password, Passwerden can be downloaded for free from the iOS App Store and from the Mac App Store, using a different usage policy: after registering for free, the user is assigned 10 slots to store our access data and one month backup and synchronization with other devices.

Via in-app purchases it is possible to extend both the slots ($ 0.99 for 10 slots or $ 9.99 for 120 slots) and the months available for synchronization and backup ($ 0.99 for the addition of a month and $ 9.99 for a year ). Furthermore, by inviting our friends to access the service or by logging in with our email from different devices, we are assigned an additional 10 slots for free.

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In addition to access data to websites, Passwarden allows you to store many other information such as contacts, notes, application activation codes, photos, bank details and personal information such as an identity card or driving license. All data is encrypted using a powerful AES 256 encryption algorithm and can only be accessed by those with the master password, a password chosen by us during the registration phase which must be entered each time the application is started. Rest assured therefore, as even the developers cannot access the data stored by us.

Although we are faced with an application developed a few months ago, there are many features that we can find in Passwarden. All data can be divided into different categories, in order to make it easier to find them. There are four main categories: All, Favorites, Home is Work, but many others can be created at will. Moreover, we have the possibility to print or send via email the credentials in our account.

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On Mac you can install a Passwarden extension for the main browsers Firefox, Safari is Chrome. With this extension, which will be positioned next to the browser search bar, we can quickly access the stored credentials, automatically logging in when we open a previously stored site or, when we enter the username and password for access to a new site. present in the Passwarden database, through a popup we can choose to save or not the data in our account.

Another interesting feature always on Mac is the ability to quickly view, after starting the application and inserting the master password, all the data stored in our account thanks to the very useful icon that will be positioned in the menu bar. In this way we can search data in every screen of the Mac, without closing the work area we are using.

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<p>On the iOS front, through the universal application (therefore compatible with iPhone and iPad) we can access all our data stored on the Mac or add new credentials, and everything will be automatically synchronized between the devices connected to the same account very effectively. Not possible to install extensions in the Safari browser as it happens on Mac, due to the limitations of iOS, so the developers have seen fit to insert a browser within the application that allows us to automatically complete the login data of the sites stored in the our account.</p><div class='code-block code-block-11' style='margin: 8px auto; text-align: center; display: block; clear: both;'>
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The Passwarden app has many features, although only version 2.0 has been released. But still there is a lot of work to do and it shows. The graphical interface was not very accurate and in some cases makes it difficult to read the texts. Furthermore, there is a lack on iOS of a box from which to search for stored data. Even the Mac browser extension needs to be revised, as every time we start Safari for example, the Passwarden app will also be launched, asking us to enter the master password. I have already pointed out many corrections that should be made in the next releases and punctually after every report of mine, an operator of mine contacts me via email making sure to put my suggestions in the queue of things to do. If you also have suggestions or suggestions, you can present them to the developers using the appropriate button Feedback present on both iOS and Mac.