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Part Sanremo 2005 … go back to the iTunes Music Store

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On March 1st the 55th Sanremo Festival will be staged, this edition will see the so-called Big: Gigi D'Alessio, Marco Masini, Paolo Meneguzzi, Francesco Renga, Umberto Tozzi, Alexia, Paola and Chiara, Marina Rei, Anna Tatangelo, Antonella Ruggiero, Vibrations, Velvet, Niki Nicolai & Stefano Di Battista Jazz Quartet, Matia Bazar, DJ Francesco Band, Nicola Arigliano, Franco Califano, Toto Cutugno, Marcella Bella and Peppino Di Capri; in addition to the so-called Youth, which will be Enrico Boccadoro, Laura Bono, Concido, Max De Angelis, Equ, Sabrina Guide, La Differenza, Mod, Negramaro, Giovanna D'Angi, Christian Lo Zito and Veronica Ventavoli.

If you don't know them or if you want to take advantage of it to increase your music library, Apple offers a new category on the Italian iTunes Music Store dedicated to the singing competition of the city of flowers.

40 CDs of "old glories" of the Italian song are available, as well as some blockbuster and some "new lever": Marcella Bella (1 record), Franco Califano (2 records, 1 partial), Marina Rei (2 records, 1 partial and 1 single), Anna Tatangelo (two singles), Alexia (3 partial discs and 2 singles), Antonella Ruggiero (1 disc), Umberto Tozzi (1 disc, 2 singles), Gigi D'Alessio (6 discs), Francesco Renga (2 records and 1 single), Paolo Meneguzzi (2 records and 1 single), Marco Masini (5 records), Matia Bazar (1 partial disc), DJ Francesco (1 EP), Nicky Nicolai (1 single) and Stefano Di Battista (1 disc).

The selection is certainly not complete, due to the known problems of slow supply of songs or musical rights, but the iTunes Music Store shows considerable punctuality in arriving with a themed offer for the Sanremo event.

We hope to see, at least in Sanremo ended, an update of records, perhaps encouraged by the requests of the most beautiful or winning songs of the singing event.