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Paolo Cevoli aka Palmiro Cangini: Mac, not punch!

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Paraphrasing in the title (with license from our elementary school teacher named Soave) the catchphrase of the summer that you will have heard resounding from the vehement voice of the commissioner Palmiro Cangini in television broadcasts, radio advertisements and live shows, we publish the interview with a protagonist of the Zelig fun that has an interesting double or triple identity but a single computer workmate: the Mac.

Reading the serious biography and the most easy-going one on Paolo Cevoli's website, we find traces of his many personalities: hotelier son of the Pensione Cinzia, an established consultant for restaurant projects, restaurateur himself with multifaceted initiatives, graduate in law and good last, but not less important, given that it gave him fame and success, a comic teasing of a generation of free-range politicians who populate the municipal councils of the Romagna countries.

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In practice, a Zelig (in the WoodyAllenian sense of the term) to which only one job is close and who can also invent Webmasters thanks to his loyal Macs. With one shot we have the opportunity to do two interviews: one at "Pier "Paolo Cevoli in his professional capacity as inventor of places for good food, webmaster and writer and the other in Palmiro Cangini as Councilor for various and eventual activities.

Paolo and the web … self-taught, experimenter or simple lone wolf: how is passion born?It was 1995. A friend of mine who worked at CINECA (University Computing Center) invited me to see an internet connection. A love at first sight.I was one of the first to have a connection to Bologna. I decided to open an internet café (Bar Moltomoderno). On that occasion I also made my first site. Written in html with TeachText.

We read with some satisfaction at the bottom of your homepage:“This site was created by Paolo Cevoli (so I can't blame any webdesigner, developer or graphic designer for errors) with html instructions and that's it. There are no floated animations, applets, music or various pheasants. A Mac Powerbook was used. To view this site you need a computer (any), a monitor (any), a browser (any).

What tools do you use to "feed" and maintain your site? Now I no longer write instructions by hand. I mainly use the Netscape editor. For a year I have learned Adobe GoLive. Very nice and simple. I retouch the photos with Photoshop.

The hilarious WebRomanzo Binca how was it born? Is it the web that dictated the structure or was it the occasion to give concrete form to a swirl of infinite links between micro-stories and pre-existing characters?Two years ago I operated on wisdom tooth and I was at home for a week (which is very rare!) I was putting in place the family photos to be scanned. From there I thought to tell a hypertextual story, all invented or almost inspired by the caption to the photos. I would like to continue writing it sooner or later.

Do you also use the Mac for restaurant space design projects?And in what way? I am not directly involved in technical and executive planning. I do the rough plans with Apple Works.O better, I do everything with that fantastic program, since the time it was called Claris Works 1.0.Where do you find time to do everything? Are you also like many visitors to this site a night webmaster?I sleep little and above all I suffer from "horror vacui", I'm afraid of downtime where you don't know what to do. At night, however, the best time to gun on my fantastic Mac.

We met because of a mobile phone script a few weeks ago … but how do you manage to get around between tours, work, writing correspondences from Roncofritto for Corriere della Sera?You're right, we met via the web (nice isn't it?) And this is the answer to your question. If I didn't make all this mess I would have met very few people. I'm greedy for life. My friends & relatives always tell me that "you can't do everything, you have to give up a little something too?". I don't agree. I would also add my family to your list; indeed I put it in the first place, for my wife and my two children I could give up everything (except for my mac of course …).

We have seen that in your lectures at the University of Bologna you used a Pismo (PowerBook G3), is there another Powerbook in your future?I bought the first mac (a Classic) in 1986 (if I remember correctly), my wife used it until last year and then moved on to the iBook in the shape of a powder holder. I'm a Mac fundamentalist. Pismo is my third laptop. I change it every two years or so, in a little bit of Titanium time.

For the record I must also mention: SE HD20, LC II and III, 630 and then various laptops. Usual readings: Applying and Macworld and now also MacityNet / MacProf on the web.

Paolo uses the Mac for the reasons we have seen above but Palmiro?Would you use a Wintel taken from Coop or always a Mac to get things right? Let's talk directly to him.

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The assessor Palmiro Cangini replies: We, the rest of the Municipality of Roncofritto, had an 8088 computer with green bulbs and a 5-inch disc player and something; at a given moment the asshole that connects it with the printer device broke. We called the technician and he told us to buy a new one but the hole for the diskettes was smaller and even with a few strokes of scissors the disks did not enter. And then with the new computer we have a lot of mess, the network, the viruses.

Councilor Cangini, in the socio-bowling cultural profile of his activities what is a computer with an apple?The bad luck that we don't have the Mac in the Municipality, which in our computer ignorance would be perfect because even the neglected are capable of using the Mac.

But are you in the position where someone with that phone hangs on to you and then throws down the items that Roncofritto has left?The Assessor never uses the computer because he gets the stuff written by the objector that a great computer expert (especially porni sites).

Are all Abner, Ivan, Morrison, Wolmer computer users with windows? But aren't all p patacca to say that they have Atloni, Duroni and all those things there?They will talk to you about computers when they fall asleep. They are interested in other more varied topics, such as passerina. And I guess they don't hurt. Or not?

In fact…🙂