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Pantone presents X-Ref for iPhone and touch

MyPantone X-Ref arrives on iPhone and iPod touch. The application, developed by Pantonee LLC, a well-known name in the field of color and supplier of professional standards for the design sector, allows designers from all sectors to combine the different Pantone Color Libraries: from Pantone Matchin System and Pantone Goe to Pantone Fashion + Home.

The Pantone X-Ref color combination tool allows the designer to take a Pantone Color and find the corresponding one in another Pantone Library by viewing all the color samples side by side. In addition, the X-Ref iPhone application offers the possibility of inserting RGB or Html values ??in Pantone Matchin System, Pantone Goe System or Pantone Fashion + Home to find the closest color reproduction to the original. In addition, CMYK values ??can be entered in Pantone Matchin System or Pantone Goe Color.

myPantone X-Ref includes the following Pantone Color Libraries: Pantone Matchin System (coated, uncoated and opaque), Pantone Color Bridge (coated and uncoated), Pantone Goe (coated and uncoated), Pantone GoeBridge (coated), Pantone Fashion + Home (paper, cotton)

The myPantone X-Ref iPhone application is associated with myPantone, an iPhone application launched in September 2009 that offers each designer the freedom to identify, create and share Pantone Color Palettes wherever they are and whenever they are caught by the 'inspiration.

The myPantone X-Ref iPhone application can be downloaded from the Apple iPhone App Store for ? 1.49. The myPantone iPhone application costs ? 7.99.

myPantone X-Ref and myPantone are compatible with iPhone OS 3.0 or later and can be used with iPhone or iPod Touch. Due to the limitations of the displays, the Pantone Colors displayed on these devices may not be exactly the same as those of the Pantone standards. For an accurate and precise color it is better to use Pantone Color publications.