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Panasonic EW1511, the oral irrigator with ultrasound technology

Panasonic EW1511, l’irrigatore orale con tecnologia a ultrasuoni

Panasonic presents the new rechargeable oral irrigator EW1511 which, thanks to the powerful ultrasound jet, can provide complete oral hygiene in five different areas: interdental spaces, periodontal pockets, dental surfaces, orthodontic appliances and gums.

Several studies show that periodontal diseases are the main cause of tooth loss. This kind of pathologies present in over 70% of adults and in the initial stages may not show any symptoms. In addition to the normal cleaning of the teeth, to prevent the onset of this type of disease, periodontal pockets must also be carefully cleaned, where bacteria tend to concentrate in depth and escape the cleaning of a normal toothbrush.

Panasonic EW1511 features a large 200ml water tank to allow approximately 60 seconds of use with a full tank. The battery recharges completely in about an hour by simply placing the device on its base. The waterproof design allows an accurate washing under the jet of water, while the slim structure makes it easy to place in any space.

Panasonic EW1511, the oral irrigator with ultrasound technology

Despite the compact and portable body, this device can generate a concentrated jet with a maximum power of 647 kPa. This device is capable of removing food residues left in the interdental spaces, as well as the plaque deposited in the periodontal pockets, the cause of the onset of diseases. Panasonic EW1511 is also the ideal solution for those who wear the appliance and struggle to perform a thorough cleaning of the teeth.

By directing the jet of water onto the gums, it is possible to stimulate and oxygenate them with approximately 1,600 delicate pulsations per minute: continuous care, which guarantees healthier gums. Panasonic has incorporated its ultrasound technology into the water jet to also allow cleaning of the dental surface: a result unthinkable with a conventional irrigator.

Panasonic EW1511, the oral irrigator with ultrasound technology

The tapered head increases the speed of the water jet and generates a series of micro-bubbles and the resulting wave amplifies the effectiveness of cleaning. In this way it is possible to remove food residues both above the dentition and in the spaces between the teeth, without having to change the water pressure.

Panasonic EW1511 weighs about 270 grams and equipped with a control panel on the handle accompanied by a 5-light LED indicator to adjust the water pressure. Will arrive in Italy in June at a price not yet disclosed.