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Palm loses sync with iTunes

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Palm loses sync with iTunes – logomacitynet1200wide 1

With the new update to version 1.2 of the webOS operating system, released yesterday, Palm Pre loses the ability to communicate with iTunes. Recall that since the launch in the United States Palm Pre has used an Apple-specific USB identification code to allow the smartphone to synchronize music and photos via Apple iTunes. To prevent direct communication with Palm Pre, Apple blocked the recognition of the Pre as an iPod or iPhone within iTunes in the new versions released after the launch and then later also after the updates released by Palm that restored the function of sync with iTunes.

After these episodes, Palm requested the intervention of the association that presides over the USB standard, claiming that Apple violated the established rules by preventing communication with the Pre. In the last episode of this story, the USB forum basically sided with Apple: in a letter sent to both Palm and Cupertino the forum specifies that Palm has used the identification codes assigned to Apple for exclusive use with its devices and finally asking Palm for clarifications about his intentions. In fact, the USB forum asked Palm to suspend the unauthorized use of the USB codes assigned to Cupertino and to provide clarifications regarding its intentions.

So the 1.2 update of webOS released yesterday, for the first time without the sync function with iTunes, could mark a turning point in Palm's strategy and in essence the company's adaptation to the directives issued by the USB association.

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