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Paint 3D Windows 10: the 10 best features

Paint 3D Windows 10: the 10 best features

If you have also updated Windows 10 Creators on your PC, you will have noticed important changes in some areas of the operating system, such as game programs and Defender. In addition to these, you will also have noticed a new logoche that stands out, this is the new version of Paint. Windows has developed an updated version of the Paint graphics app, called Paint 3D. Unlike its classic version, Paint 3D Windows 10 allows you to draw 3D objects, rotate them in space with a variety of axes and also apply beautiful textures or 3D texts.

But that's not all, because Paint3D is much more than an app for making 3D objects. Very easily, it allows you to design beautiful scenery and create objects to form even complex scenes. So, without further ado, let's take a quick look at what you can do with Paint 3D Windows 10.

To open Paint 3D Windows 10, go to the applications from the Start button. Scroll to the letter P and search for the app. Click on the icon and it will open.

Paint 3D Windows 10 1

After clicking on the Paint 3D app, the Welcome page appears, from where you can select the opening of a New design, To open a design already exists on your computer or Paste a 2D or 3D file in the drawing.

Paint 3D Windows 10 2

Paint 3D Windows 10: the 10 best features

1. Canvas

When you start the Paint 3D app for the first time, a blank canvas appears. As in the previous version, all actions happen here. The white canvas is the only 2D element in the whole app.Paint 3D Windows 10 3

From here you can draw freehand objects and quickly transform them into 3D objects, or take existing objects in the library. With the tool bar located at the bottom of the screen, you can easily rotate or flip the object you created to watch the entire 3D-created scene.

2. Creating 3D objects

The second tab in the toolbar allows you to create 3D objects. From 3D models to shapes – you can get them all here. Once you have created an object, you will be able to rotate it. While the handles on the right, top and bottom will allow you to rotate the object through the axes. The icon on the left on the bar at the bottom allows you to move the sheet closer or closer to the scene.Paint 3D Windows 10 4

It takes a while to get a block, especially if the object is not yet colored. Objects can be added easily on each other. And if you're wondering if putting one shape on top of another deforms the objects, the answer doesn't, getting the intersection of the various overlapping objects.

3. Shorten Windows

Paint3D an integrated and simply natural Windows app that supports basic keyboard shortcuts.

The shortcut classics like Ctrl + A, Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V, backspace, delete work quite well when it comes to choosing, moving or removing objects.

As for getting the alignment on the same axis as the various objects, you can get Ctrl + A to fix them.

4. Text support

The addition of text in Paint has also been improved, with the inclusion of the 3D version. Beyond the usual features such as font styles and colors, the 3D effect can easily be given to texts by giving it a floating appearance.Paint 3D Windows 10 5

As with other objects, the text can also be rotated for a long time.

5. 2D adhesives

The most spectacular part of Paint 3D. By selecting laterza tab of the toolbar at the top, the stickers you can attach them (that its work, at the bottom) to the shapes you have previously created. If you put a sticker on an object, it blends wonderfully over the surface with a whole new look.Paint 3D Windows 10 6

Absolutely nice sticker collection, with candy collections, stars and much more (for they are a bit childish). What's more, you can also transform them into the 3D version.

6. Texture

Need a sphere with a smooth texture? Or with the image of a hedge? With Paint3D you can do it. Right next to the stickers, you can find various textures with which to fill the surfaces of the elements. All you have to do, select the favorite texture and click on the area where you want to place it. For example, you can apply the image of your girlfriend or children to a 3D object, and this is modeled on the shape of the object.Paint 3D Windows 10 7

Also, you can also select the color effect. You can have the effect shiny, opaque, matte metal or shiny metal.

7. Free hand design3D

Don't like predefined shapes? Solution: Make it your own shape. How can you do it? Well, Paint 3D comes with the possibility of making your own shapes, just draw your shapes. The only thing to point out, that the starting point and the end point must converge in a single point.Paint 3D Windows 10 8

It can give the color, the type of finish and of course, rotate it to give the right position.

8. Export Video

The creation of a beautiful 3D scenario is not all, especially if one does not have the inspiration of a painter. But if you can create beautiful 3D drawings, see them in very fascinating action. However, not everyone can be present on the scene when they are made, in these cases, Paint3D comes with the recording function of the entire creation process, in a clean video.Paint 3D Windows 10 9

Thus, from the moment the creation of the first object is started until the moment it is completed, everything is recorded. This capture of the various phases is exported to a video. The option is located under the History tab in the upper part of the panel.

9. The instruments

As mentioned earlier on the new Paint app, the tools have also been noticeably improved. Now you can even have a pastel color, a fountain pen and an apixel pen among others. The thing to watch out for is the oil brush with its rich consistency. What is good about these tools? You can choose to color on the edges of the objects while remaining within the frames.Paint 3D Windows 10 10

10. Remix 3D

Play with fun 3D shapes, objects and functions. But if you want to view a pre-rendered image to work on further, you can access it in the 3D Mix. This function is available in the last tab of the toolbar, in which you can also load external 3D creations.

The Paint 3D Windows 10 app is not a professional tool, to allow you to create very interesting 3D scenes and images, try it and make a comment.