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PagineGialle: now integrates TuttoCittà to offer directions and routes

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PagineGialle: now integrates TuttoCitt to offer directions and routes – logomacitynet1200wide 1

The free PagineGialle application for iPhone and touch now available on the App Store in the new enhanced version 1.1. In addition to the tweaks from the point of view of the graphical interface, now also easier and faster to use, the application introduces an important new routing function. Once the desired address has been identified thanks to the imposing database of PagineGialle and PagineBianche, the software also displays the indications to reach the destination thanks to the integration of the TuttoCitt maps.

The program can offer an optimized route depending on whether the user moves on foot or by car, also specify if you want to get the shortest route. To ensure that you reach your destination without wasting time, PagineGialle allows you to view not only the TuttoCitt maps but also the photographic references of numerous exercises, for direct feedback. We remind you that in order to operate PagineGialle requires an active connection with the Internet via cellular network or Wi-Fi. In this way we have at our fingertips the immense database of 218 volumes of PagineGialle and PagineBianche, to identify 15 million families and 3.8 million commercial activities throughout Italy.

As with previous versions of the application, the new PagineGialle 1.1 can be downloaded for free starting from this link.

Recall that Macitynet treated the new PagineGialle in preview in this article.

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