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Oxford Semiconductor's first Firewire 2 bridges at Lacie

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Lacie's first Firewire 2 bridges from Oxford Semiconductor –

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Lacie is the first to order the brand new Oxford Semiconductor's OXUF922 bridges: this is the first commercial bridge that will obtain 800 Mbps transfer rates by connecting an IDE Hard Disk to the new interface now standardized since last summer.

Lacie will include bridge in the next generation of products including the D2 series modern look hard disks (we talked about it in our special service) and capacities that will reach 300 GB. Marketing times are not yet known.

OXUF922 represents a milestone in the high-bandwidth and other speed transfer capabilities of external disks. Combine the 800 Mbps Link Layer and PHY controller of Firewire 2.0 (1394B) with a USB2.0 of 480 Mbps to get the best of the two fastest interfaces on the market.

The OXUF922 bridge was developed as an evolution of the previous OXUF911 (IDE to Firewire) sold already in 2 million pieces.

To find out more about Bridge 911 than the advisable option for anyone who still wants to have an external hard drive, perhaps self-built, we invite you to read our FAQ on MacProf.

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