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Other impressions of the jaguar: at work on an iMac G4 800

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Nico Scarscelli sends us a detailed report …

INSTALLATION: Installed in an iMac G4 800 / 256MB RAM / 60 GB HD. Installation time about 30 min. The installation divided into two parts, the first (and also the longest) installs the system and the various drivers, the second (takes about 5 min) installs the iApps. A reboot is required between one installation and another. Once the second part is finished, the 10.1 movie and the registration form appear immediately. Until qu, nothing different from 10.1

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The first thing to notice is the total transparency of the dock (obtained on 10.1 thanks to the elimination of the associated PDF file). The dock has the same elements as 10.1; opening the System Preferences (from the apple menu totally identical to the previous one) you can notice the first and superficial differences: the “Digital Hub” item has been added with the following sub menus, Dichi, Video, Audio, Burning and Photography.

-Disks: From here you can choose how you want the system to behave when inserting an external disk, among the various options you can choose whether to initialize the disk just inserted, whether to mount it directly, or whether to open Disk Utility.

-Video: As above, among the various options you can choose whether to open iMovie directly or another application

-Audio: From here you decide if you want to start iTunes when you attach an iPod, if you want to automatically update all the libraries or if you want to mount it directly on the desktop.

-Mastering: Here too you choose the behavior of the system when inserting a recordable media (be it CDR or DVD-R), among the various options you can choose whether to open Disk Copy, an application of our choice or "prepare it" as media for data or music (in this case iTunes opens).

-Photography: Very similar to the others, among the various options you can choose whether to open iPhoto, or Image Capture.

Another novelty, in the sharing panel now finally present the management of the firewall inside os X, then the option of sharing USB printers returns. For the rest, the preferences menu does not change much (except for some new screensavers).

There are impulse windows and the minimization in the dock appears much more fluid. Another note worthy of interest, now when you minimize a window on the right, the symbol of the application to which it is connected is displayed. An empty form appears in the window bar without any indication that if you enter some text and press enter, it gives you access looking inside our HD. There is always the good old sherlock where for now there is no longer the item "look for local discs", the look & feel the classic Aqua and not the metal of iTunes or iPhoto.

Preasente the now known iApp called iChat: Look & Feel metal, possibility to register on iTools or AIM. You can create "private" chat windows and in any case I do not see it very functional (perhaps because I almost never chat on AIM). fast as an application and also pretty in appearance.

Mail grows and the first time you open it, it informs us that it has news and suggests that we open the help to find out (of course, the help that is not fully functional and sometimes if you try to use it, it closes unexpectedly).

I open the preferences and find a new item in the rules menu called junk e-mail and as everyone knows they are the much rumored filters acclaimed by many users; you can choose between deleting, marking or ignoring unwanted emails.

New also for Preview which now provides a thumbnail regarding PDF documents, and offers the possibility to zoom, rotate, change contrast and manage the color of a photo, all in a single window.

Also changed Apple System Profiler, much more "technical" (perhaps because it is aimed at developers). Also changed the Address Book now with the look & feel metal and fully integrated with iChat,

Real news (in my opinion) given by the Midi Setup application present in the Utilities folder. Opened there is a huge panel to manage any option in midi dress and music in general, there is a second panel where you can control the MIDI devices connected to the computer.

QuickTime 6.0 present that "looks" identical to 5 in appearance but I think they added the much-suffered MPEG4

FINAL CONCLUSIONS: No trace of Inkwell, I could not try Rendevouz because the iMac in question was not connected to any LAN.iChat does not seem to me this great novelty. For those who get along with Unix I can anticipate that by running uname -a in the terminal (who uses UNIX knows what I'm talking about) we get that version of Darwin 6.0 !!! Also modified the Terminal, which now consists of two windows, one for the commands and the other with the Console that follows us step by step .

The finder in general fast but not very stable, by performing some simple operations with iDVD the program closed unexpectedly and sometimes did not close properly Quartz extreme, to tell the truth, no "external" track, unless I run 5 movie QT simultaneously minimized in the dock did not cause any slowdown.

As a final note I add that by making Info on the Finder it numbers it v 10.2 and not build XXXXX and by making info on this mac instead of version etc. it puts pre-relase version between two round brackets. "

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