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Osmo Mobile 2, features and price of the cheapest DJI

The Osmo Mobile 2 will be available for 149 and a great way to keep the phone stable, without vibrations, during video shooting.

Not only drones for the Chinese manufacturer DJI who is introducing a new version of its smartphone stabilizer, Osmo Mobile 2, that applies a handful of small changes to the original and a great novelty: the price.

Osmo Mobile 2 price

The Osmo Mobile 2 will be available starting from 149, which makes it much cheaper than the original model and a great way to keep your phone stable, without vibrations, during video shooting.

Osmo Mobile 2 Features

Osmo Mobile 2 does not change much the original formula: as far as updates are concerned, there is really only one of them: the new model supports portrait mode, while the original only supported landscape mode and this was a big problem, especially because more and more videos are being watched on smartphones, where portrait mode is naturally preferred orientation.

In addition to this fundamental trick, little changed in this new version. Osmo Mobile 2 made of "high performance nylon" instead of a mixture of nylon and magnesium alloy, making it a little lighter, although almost imperceptible in use. The buttons have been slightly modified for easier use and the accessory holder has been moved to the lower part of the handle, instead of to the side.

Osmo Mobile 2 performance

DJI now passed to an internal battery, instead of using replaceable ones, which should be a good thing if you live up to the company's estimates: instead of the estimated 3-4.5 hours the original had, the new model should have up to 15 hours autonomy on a single charge. The lack of support for replacing the batteries could put some users in difficulty, but if the duration was actually 15 hours, it probably wouldn't be a real problem.

Osmo Mobile 2 output

Osmo Mobile 2 should be launched next month, with pre-orders starting January 23rd. DJI argues that the stabilizer should support the most popular phones, so large and heavy devices like an iPhone or an Android phone of plus size they should be fine.

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