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Orange sold over 200,000 iPhones in France at Christmas

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Orange sold more than 200,000 iPhones in France at Christmas – logomacitynet1200wide 1

A real storm. Orange's deputy number one, Stphane Richard, manager who helps to indicate the way forward for the France Telecom mobile division present in almost thirty countries in the world, also indicated what the figures are in the sale of the mobile phone by the company iPhone: a little more than 200,000 copies in December alone.

The specification already constitutes a case that would have deserved to attract the attention of the international media even if there had not been a part of the manager's interview (of which the possibility of a promotion as number one of the group has long been rumored France Telecom) in which the man even claims that in two days Apple will present a tablet equipped with a webcam, 3G connection and that it will be sold with subsidies from the telephone companies, as we had written in this news a few hours ago.

One of the reasons for Apple's extraordinary result in the iPhone sector, which basically follows the similar one recorded in the United Kingdom, dictated by the changes to Orange's commercial policy. The French company has in fact decided, given the strong competition in that country for the sale of the phone, to further lower the entry price on the purchase of the iPhone. In practice, to fight against SFR and Boygues Telecom, the iPhone now costs half and sells more than double.

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