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Orange, France for Christmas three out of four phones were iPhones

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A flood. A tide. An avalanche. It is difficult to find the expression that does justice to the information provided in an interview with a French newspaper by Orange's number one, the mobile phone operator that Oltralpe is making sparks thanks to a single telephone.

But let's recap the facts. In an interview with the newspaper Les Echos, the chairman of Orange, the telephone company that sells Cupertino's cell phones, Didier Lombard, declares a literally incredible figure.

As the man explains, "77% of the phones sold by Orange at Christmas and in the following days are iPhones." The shocking fact. And this causes a reaction in the manager that is even more incredible to hear, especially in the USA and Italy: "For this reason we want to invest even more in our network, so that it becomes more and more efficient for our customers".

A real Christmas miracle, or perhaps New Year's. The fact is that, more than two years after its introduction in Europe, the iPhone in France still travels great, with the wind in the sails. And it makes high-level novice numbers. The Orange boss himself claims to use an iPhone daily and not to understand why nobody in the competition is able to produce a phone that is close to the performance of Apple's.

At this point in the service of Les Echos the journalist asks Lombard if he is not afraid that the company's success depends on a single telephone set. "There are those who pose this problem – the manager replies -. The iPhone "monopoly" problem. So why do you believe that Orange has made an Application Shop and that it sells "Googlefonini"? In any case, we are absolutely not at Apple's market. "