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Optimizing, speeding up and freeing up space on Mac: the best programs

Optimizing, speeding up and freeing up space on Mac: the best programs


How to optimize and speed up your Mac: the best programs to optimize, speed up and free up space on Mac

Programs to optimize Mac: here are the ones recommended by YourLifeUpdated.The best programs to optimize Mac.

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Not only does Windows need programs to speed up, optimize and clean up the operating system. Sometimes, in fact, it can happen that even the Mac needs a cleaning, of itselfoftware that allow to optimize the operating system and to delete all those useless files that only slow down the systemto.

If your Mac starts to go slow, shows some signs of slowing down, takes too long to turn on, to turn off and to start the programs, this guide will come in very handy. Today, in fact, we will see together two excellent programs that allow you to optimize, speed up, clean up your Mac and free up precious space on your hard disk of your Apple computer. In future articles we will then see other programs that will be very useful for speeding up, optimizing and cleaning up the Mac.

As we know, in fact, susually the Apple Mac operating system does not need the same maintenance that we must do on Windows: for example, on Mac we don't have to defragment the disk, which alone is a great advantage. This does not mean that the Mac should not be optimized in other respects. Precisely for this reason, today we present you two utility to repair OS X permissions and files and free up space on your Mac's hard drive, in order to speed up the computer and avoid problems with Safari and other applications.

If for those who use Windows PC we periodically publish programs that allow us to defragment the hard disk (or hard disk) and tools that can optimize the registry and correct errors in the files, today we will see together the same software also available on Mac to perform these operations cleaning and optimization of the operating system.

As we have already said, unlike Windows PCs, on Mac there is no need to defragment the hard drive. But this does not mean that it is not necessary to carry out other system optimization operations, in certain situations, in fact, it may happen that Mac OS seems slower. To avoid Mac OS slowdowns, it is necessary to optimize the Mac, and to do so there are many optimization applications for Mac OS, some free and others for a fee, which could quickly and quickly give new life and speed up the Mac.

Today we will focus on two applications in particular: Apple Disk Utility and cleanMyMac 2.

Disk utility

Disk Utility a powerful free application integrated directly into the operating system that allows not only to speed up your Mac, but also perform a number of functions like partitioning a Mac disk, duplicating a DVD on a Mac, opening ISO files on a Mac, and so on. In short, a very useful program that must be discovered in all its functions.

Maybe not everyone knows it, but to use Disk Utility in all its potential it is necessary to start the application without starting the operating system: an extremely simple operation and to do this you will need a USB stick with the installation of the version of Mac OS currently in use on your computer.

Optimize your Mac with Disk Utility and also correct system file problems simple. After inserting the USB stick into your Mac, you need to open the Mac OS Settings and then select the Startup Disk item: from here you can restart the Mac from a USB device; at this point, just select the icon relating to the installation of Mac OS and click on the restart button.

As soon as the computer has restarted, it will be possible to start Disk Utility and repair Mac permissions. To do this, simply select the Mac partition you want to optimize and then click on the item "Repair disk permissions": in a few minutes the operation will be completed by the Mac. Once this is done, you will have to check the integrity of the disk and correct any errors in the files: to do this, just select the hard disk you want to correct and click on the item "Repair Disk".

If you don't have a USB stick available with the installation of the operating system, do not worry. you can in fact boot your computer in a particular Mac OS recovery mode. To do this you will have to hold down the CMD + R keys when restarting the Mac until the image of the bitten apple appears. Once the recovery mode has started, you can start Disk Utility and proceed with the Mac optimization as described above.

cleanMyMac 2

Contrary to the one just reported, this program is NOT free, but it costs the beauty of 40 euros. An important figure, which you can pay for after trying the free version of the program for 30 days; if you like you can buy the full version, otherwise you will have to stop using the program. I assure you, however, that after trying this program to optimize and speed up the Mac you can hardly do without it.

cleanMyMac 2 without a shadow of a doubt one of the best programs to clean, optimize and free up space on your Mac's hard disk. It is an all-in-one and fully automated solution that includes all the functionality needed to delete cache files, logs, unnecessary files and unnecessary languages ​​in applications from your Mac. In a few clicks, therefore, with this program you can clean up your Mac and free up space on your hard disk without having to configure anything: it does everything by itself!

In addition, cleanMyMac2 can optimize the iPhoto library, and eliminate backup copies of images, created following a change with leditor. It also allows you to uninstall Mac applications, manage installed extensions and many other things that could actually slow down the Mac and take up space in the HD. A really very complete tool full of useful features, especially for users who have recently approached the Mac operating system and who have not yet become familiar with all the OS features.

Use cleanMyMac 2 very simple: to recover space on the Mac, just open the program and start an automatic scan. For all the rest of pensercleanMyMac 2. After usingcleanMyMac 2, you will notice that your Mac will be faster, leaner, it will open programs faster and it will take less time to switch on and off. Try it, free cleanMyMac 2 for 30 days. If you liked it at the end of the test, you can decide to buy the full version.

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