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Opera reinvents the mobile browser

Opera reinvents the mobile browser –

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Opera, known for its "alternative" browser also available for Mac, has long focused the market for PDAs and smart phones for which a great development is expected in the not too distant future also for surfing the Internet. After a series of agreements entered into with various manufacturers of "embedded" operating systems, the Norwegian software house has announced in recent days that it has developed a new system capable of bringing Internet graphics to even small screens.

The technological solution adopted by Opera determines the reformatting of the content of Internet pages without resorting to zoom and scroll bars, nor to systems similar to these used by Japanese iMode and Wap.

According to Jon S. von Tetzchner, CEO of Opera. "Content providers will be able to save money by avoiding having to build different versions of the sites, such as those now required by today's WAP technology, operators will be able to offer more attractive products and all users will finally be able to access their favorite websites using their small devices. portable "

In practice, it works for PDAs and mobile phones automatically scales images, removes those deemed superfluous and modifies the tables so as to place the content in a one-dimensional space. The horizontal scroll bars are thus practically eliminated.

Opera in Italy distributed by Active Software of Gorizia

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