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OpenOffice for Mac OS X appears at WWDC and on download

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If OpenOffice, the Open Source version of the Sun StarOffice suite, as has often been said, still looking for the best way to get to Mac OS X, what better starting station than WWDC? A consideration that, the reality that deals with the implementation of the package that for functionality and purposes completely identical to Microsoft's Office, must have done for a long time in recent months and that is being implemented today.

In fact, in San Jos, where the world developer conference is held, has announced the release of a development version of the program. Purpose stated: to catalyze on it the attention of the developers who flocked to see the news and the future of Mac OS X up close, so as to give impetus to a project that has been languishing for some time.

OpenOffice for Mac OS X, as our readers will remember, the only hope to see StarOffice on Mac. Sun, which produces the package, has in fact declared that it is not interested in implementing and releasing a version for Mac OS. Cos poured the code to OpenOffice which already takes care of Windows and Linux versions of the same program. In turn, OpenOffice has repeatedly asked the Mac community for help in moving the project forward, but, the managers complain, with poor results. So here is the decision to bring the preliminary version to the attention of the greater community of Mac developers.

Currently OpenOffice runs on PPC in a Darwin version more than Mac OS X, a situation that OpenOffice would like to change soon

“We need Mac OS X and Unix specialists. Much of OpenOffice – says Ed Peterlin in an interview with Maccentral – is already independent of the platform. What we need people to help us make the graphics work on Quartz and Aqua. We need help for printing, for audio, for installation procedures, documentation and much more.

The development version of OpenOffice for Mac OS X distributed to the stand that Sun has set up as part of the conference.

For some hours now also available for download