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Open Source, IBM yes, IBM no

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Open Source, IBM s, IBM no – logomacitynet1200wide 1

In September 1999 IBM announced its support for Linux; in October 2000 IBM supported a colossal reunification of the operating systems of its servers under the sign of the penguin.

Today there is no modern IBM hardware that Linux cannot run on.

So all roses and flowers?

Not according to Bruce Perens, senior strategist for Linux and Open Source in HP, who claims that IBM's intellectual property policy is contrary to open source and may make Linux diverge from GPL orthodoxy.

Contrary to this, Eric Raymond, founder of the Open Source Initiative and author of the well-known "The Cathedral and the Bazaar", who stresses that having the computer giant on his side has made it possible to convince many companies of the seriousness of Linux.

Recall that a very similar controversy arose in the first days of Apple's announcement of the adoption of the open source policy. Many of the exponents of the movement contested the decision by Cupertino thinking that on the one hand the license to use Darwin was not in the "real" spirit of open source and on the other that a multinational like Apple could in no way return to benefit of the movement

Even then Raymond took the side of Apple by publishing articles in defense of his choice.

Later and more recently Raymond then retracted his support, stating that Apple's policy for Darwin's open source development was too restrictive.

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